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SOAR with New Flight Crew- Free

This class is taught by:

Megan Clark

Name: Megan Clark

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Why do you barre so hard?
To feel strong and healthy. Barre has totally changed my life! I love the ladies I work with everyday, the community we have built and of course that burn that only barre delivers.

What is the best “side effect” you have noticed from barre?
Strength and endurance! I am constantly amazed at my ability with new activities and workouts.

Jill Blaney

Name: Jill 
Hometown: Edmonton
Describe the BBS Tribe?
Four words: The best thing ever! I love going into the studio and seeing both the clients and instructors because everyone is so welcoming and inspiring – seriously! Walking into the studio is like an instant good mood booster. I'll take a cup o' it all day, every day!
What are your guilty pleasures?
Miss Vickie's Sweet Chili and Sour Cream chips, Hawkins cheezies and Reese's peanut butter cups. In an ideal world I'd eat the chips for breakfast, cheezies for lunch and peanut butter cups for dinner. Somedays, it's an ideal world.
Try out this free SOAR class for new instructors (flight crew) to practice their class.