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Name: Elissa Jamieson

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Why do you barre so hard?
I love barre because it makes me feel strong and pretty! Plus it keeps my body in great shape. 

What is your guilty pleasure?
Popcorn! I could eat a bowl of popcorn everynight. My favorite toppings right now are olive oil, sea salt and dill.

Elissa instructs the following:
  • SOAR Bounce Fitness
  • 50min High Intensity Low Impact rebounder fitness class. 
    www.soarbouncefitness.com for all the benefits to bouncing  

  • Barre Body Fit
  • One-hour of strength and flexibility training choreographed to music while incorporating the use of a ballet barre. A more basic approach to Barre Body Fit classes but equally as challenging.

  • Barre Press
  • A 45min Class in the classic Barre Body Fit style for those on the go.

  • Baby Barre
  • A class designed for mommy and me.  Babies are nestled in a clip in carrier for the standing portion of class and are incorporated in the floor work.  For Babies up to 7 months or not yet crawling.  

  • SOAR Flight Crew - Instructor Training
  • Think you got what it takes to lead a class? Join us for SOAR training and learn how to SOAR, sprint and burn. 

  • Bounce and Burn
  • This class will get your heart rate up with 30 minutes of SOAR on the mini rebounder and challenge your muscles with 30 minutes of legs, bum and core on the floor. Help raise money for Bust a Move & Alberta Cancer Foundation, $10 donation