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Kristin G

Name: Kristin Gibson

Hometown: Castor, AB

Why do you barre so hard?
Barre makes me feel strong, clears my head and gives me the energy to keep up with my busy 3 year old.

What is a secret talent of yours?
I can touch my tongue to my nose. I also bake, knit, embroider, and do paper cut illustrations.

Kristin G instructs the following:
  • Barre Body Fit
  • One-hour of strength and flexibility training choreographed to music while incorporating the use of a ballet barre. A more basic approach to Barre Body Fit classes but equally as challenging.

  • Long Strong Arms
  • This class is designed to have you winning push up contests in no time! Structured like our signature Barre Body Fit class, you can expect to get a full body workout while focusing on your arms. More weights, more upper body resistance, more reasons to wear tank tops all year round