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Name: Kendra Chow

Why do you barre so hard?
Because why not? I’ve always been a very ‘Challenge Accepted!’ kind of gal, and I love barre for the physical, mental, and endurance challenges it provides. Barre is
stimulating in so many ways! It brought me back to my dancer body and mind, and it
feels so good to be in a position of pursuit again.

What is your favourite quote?
"Though her manner varied ... her determination never did." - Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

"If not me, who? If not now, when?" - Emma Watson, addressing the UN General Assembly for HeForShe

Kendra instructs the following:
  • Long Strong Arms
  • This class is designed to have you winning push up contests in no time! Structured like our signature Barre Body Fit class, you can expect to get a full body workout while focusing on your arms. More weights, more upper body resistance, more reasons to wear tank tops all year round

  • Barre Body Fit
  • One-hour of strength and flexibility training choreographed to music while incorporating the use of a ballet barre. A more basic approach to Barre Body Fit classes but equally as challenging.