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Name: Julia Johnson

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Why do you barre so hard?
I love barre because it is a well rounded workout with physical and mental benefits. Coming from a dance background, I was really missing a workout that challenged me both mentally and physically in the way that dance did. I find that barre works similar muscles and requires an awareness of the body like a ballet class helping you to find that mind-body connection and stay present in your workout.

What keeps you inspired and motivated?
I am inspired and motivated by the amazing community of barrestars that show up to the studio every day. Everyone (clients and staff) is so welcoming and coming to barre is an instant mood booster.

Julia instructs the following:
  • Barre Body Fit
  • One-hour of strength and flexibility training choreographed to music while incorporating the use of a ballet barre. A more basic approach to Barre Body Fit classes but equally as challenging.

  • SOAR Bounce Fitness
  • 50min High Intensity Low Impact rebounder fitness class. 
    www.soarbouncefitness.com for all the benefits to bouncing