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New Year 30 in 45 Challenge


If you are reading this blog post, it is likely that you've made a commitment to yourself, to your health, to the wellness of your body and mind. This commitment looks different on each of us: to some it is a lifestyle of nourishing foods and intense workouts, to some it is the perfect balance of work and play, and to some it is that small decision to get out of bed a few minutes earlier to start your day off with a walk. Although this spectrum is incredibly diverse, just remember that wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be. Everybody has a different situation and for this reason, your personal picture of "health" is going to look so different than anyone else. That is exactly why we refer to it as "personal" - you did not make this commitment to compare yourself to the next person, nor did you make it to appease someone else. You made this commitment to yourself because you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be healthy and you are so deserving of your own self-love.

This is the motivation that we are carrying into our upcoming challenge - starting on January 15th we are heading into our next 30 in 45 day challenge. This challenge will offer each of you something entirely different depending where you are right now - for some it may be an opportunity to get you back on track, an offer to recommit to your goals and for some it may be the initial push into a year of health and wellness. Whatever your reason is, that is entirely up to you!

Let us tell you why we are such big supporters of a '30 classes in 45 days' type challenge and why we designed this to align with the values that we hold so strong at BBS:

- One: we are in the business of building a lifestyle. We want your fitness journey to compliment your life and this can only be achieved by creating a fitness plan that is sustainable. We are not into fads, trends or any other quick fix - it just isn't practical. By offering a 45 day challenge, this will give you ample time to build a habit that is sustainable, one that will stick with you far beyond the challenge itself.

- Two: your body needs a break! We don't push 45 classes in 45 days because a rest period is crucial to both your physical health and your mental health. We want you to treat off days as a rehabilitative phase for your body and that is why we promote 15 days of rest in your BBS challenges.

- Three: we do not ask you to track any type of progression during your 45 day challenge. Unlike many other fitness challenges, we do not do progress pictures, measurements or ask you to follow the number on the scale. If you choose to do these things on your own because it is motivating, great! If you would rather go without, also great! We think of fitness as far more than physical change and because of this, there is no way to truly track your progression during a challenge.

If you want to come along with us on this 45 day journey, you can sign up for free through your MindBody Connect account. Just click this link to take you there!


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