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BBS Hall of Fame: Sonja


Meet Sonja -  a barre superstar who has over 500 classes under her belt, and not stopping any day soon. Sonja started with us at BBS YEG in October of 2014, and can mostly be found over at our Holland Plaza Studio in the evenings hanging out with us behind the desk or chatting to her tribe. Sonja's energy is so contagious and we love seeing her in the studio every time she comes! Check out her feature below!

Why do you barre so hard?

I love how barre constantly challenges me to get better, whether that’s with increased weights, flexibility or doing advanced positions. Each class and instructor brings their own unique and diverse exercises and I love not knowing or expecting what is next.

That being said, ultimately the community, the tribe, the people and the fun is what keeps me coming back and working hard. It takes the word “work” out of workout (even though I do excessively sweat and work my ass off) and is something I WANT and look forward to doing.

How has barre impacted you?

Three words – booty booty booty! But honestly, this tush has always struggled to get that extra oomph we all crave; even with at minimum two leg days at the gym a week. I started noticing results in that department after the 30 day challenge that got me started at BBS and I am pretty sure my butt has perked up at least two inches. In addition it has also immensely improved my very horrible posture, plus my flexibility (still working on those splits).

Apart from the obvious physical impacts, I have also gained so many incredible life long friendships through the community. People I now talk to on a daily basis, barre or not, who I can’t imagine not having in my life!

How did you get introduced to barre?

A friend who was going to the studio asked me to go. I was hesitant at first as I typically focus on heavy lifting at the gym and therefore thought a “dance” class would not be down my alley (funny stereotype I originally had). Boy was I wrong, because I got my ass whooped and have been addicted ever since.

What keeps you motivated and coming back to barre?

The positive changes I see in my body as well as the inspiring motivating instructors (and now friends). I also pretend I work there, so need to show up for my “shifts” ;) 

Other than barre, what other activities do you do?

I am all about the activities. I go to the gym at lunch every day for weights/cardio, spin, slo-pitch, curl, bowl, rollerblade, wakesurf, run or bike with the love of my life Norman (my fur-child) and wine…..wine counts right?

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I did not become a Canadian citizen until I was 24 (born in Germany)…. I also have an addiction to almonds, and anyone that knows me knows that is not a joke… I cannot stop eating them.

What is your favourite way to treat yourself?

Traveling the world, listening to music and socializing with my amazing circle of friends (add wine to all of those things of course).

What is your favourite book, movie, or TV show of all time?

This is actually the most difficult question of all. 

Book = Gone Girl (I love twisty dark reads)

Movie = Marley & Me OR anything Brad Pitt (aka. Future hubs)

TV Show = This is Us (I never thought ducks would make me cry so much)


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