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BBS Hall of Fame: Tiina


Meet Tiina -  a relatively new  barre babe whose goal was to complete 63 classes before her 63rd birthday, and guess what? She did it! Tiina’s drive is not only shown in accomplishing her goal, but also in her story. Tiina has had some pretty major obstacles in her fitness journey, and wants to share with others that fitness, and barre more specifically, has helped her recovery immensely. Keep reading to learn more about this month’s Hall of Fame inductee!

Why do you barre so hard?

 I started because I wanted to be in better shape and feel stronger. I keep on because the variety of exercises we do during the class: strength training, stretching, weights works out all the muscles in my body. I really enjoy how Barre is a near-perfect mix of yoga, pilates, ballet training, strength training, balance, and endurance.


How has barre impacted you? 

I have some minor nerve damage to my left leg from a previous back surgery and three-and-a-half years ago I had surgery to have my right knee replaced; Barre has become the next stage of my healing and recovery. Also the instructors are truly amazing as they accommodate my limitations by taking the time to correct my position and show me alternative ways to achieve the same workout.


How did you get introduced to barre? 

My colleague at work, Christalene Lay, is my inspiration and really encouraged me to try it out. 


What keeps you motivated and coming back to barre?

I set myself small goals to reach, so it is attainable, then set more. I love how I feel stronger each time I come and I really notice month-by-month how much strength I've gained and how much more coordinated I am. Just this feeling of personal physical accomplishment keeps me wanting more. Because of Barre I can do many activities longer than I could before without tiring or getting sore, so I can freely romp and play with my Grandlings longer, go on longer hikes, and shovel lots more snow.


Other than barre, what other activities do you do?

 I go birding a lot with my husband so that is great hiking in all seasons, and in the summer I love to garden. This coming summer, because I feel stronger and my balance is better, I'm going to go back to biking that I used to do a lot, before my knee replacement surgery. 


Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I have four wonderful grown children and four amazing grandchildren, my Grandlings who light up my life and my heart.


What is your favourite way to treat yourself? 

Curling up with a glass of wine or beer, a good book, a fuzzy blanket, and a cuddly cat. 


What is your favourite quote? 

      My simple religion is love, respect for others, honesty.   -His Holiness the Dalai Lama

     We can bomb the world to pieces, but we can't bomb it into peace. - Michael Franti 


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