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New to barre? So is the whole city. Don’t be intimidated; we won’t bite. Here are a few frequently asked questions.
If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


What should I wear for a barre class?

To prevent injuries and help you get the most out of those precise, controlled movements, grip socks are mandatory in the studio. If you have your own, bring ‘em – otherwise, we sell them. And if it's your first class, don't worry, we can loan you a pair! For hygienic reasons, please ensure that your grip socks cover both the ball of your foot and the heel. 

Otherwise, yoga or dance wear is appropriate. Whatever you are comfortable to move in.

What should I bring to a barre class?

You’re gonna sweat, so bring water to stay hydrated. We provide everything else.

I have never taken a barre class. What should I expect?

Be prepared to sweat, shake and have so much fun! You do not need a background in dance, Pilates, or yoga to attend classes. Barre is suitable for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels!

Each barre class incorporates elements of dance, free weights and mat exercises. It is certainly harder than it looks, however, it is low-impact and if you come often enough ... you'll pick up on the terminology, movements and form in no time! 

Read all about our Reservation and Cancellation Policy HERE