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Baby Barre 2015

Baby Barre is Back!  Starting January 13th at 10:45 am bring your baby to the barrebaby-barre-2015-300x300 This class is designed specially for new moms to get a great workout while spending time with baby.  Baby barre runs for 8 weeks and is a pre-registered class.  Sign up here under the pre-registered class tab.

Any unfilled spots will be available for drop in.  Drop in reservations will be open starting January 10th

The class is designed for Baby to be nestled in their carriers for the barre portion of class and on their blanket for the floor portion.

Come Burn Blast and Shape that Body!


Pre Holiday Challenge!

nov-challenge-300x300Starting November 15 take our 30 day "If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you!" Challenge

The holidays are just around the corner and it is easy to get off track with your health and fitness goals.  Join us and commit to a minimum of 20 classes and healthy eating to keep you on track and get you ready to rock that little New Years Dress or Bikini on the Beach!

Monthly Auto Renew Members sign up for $125.00

Not a Member sign up for $250.00 (Includes an Unlimited Barre Pass Valid From Nov 15-Dec 14)

To help keep you accountable to your goals we are offering the following incentives;

Complete 20 classes and receive $50.00 back

Complete 25 classes and receive $50.00 back as well as be entered to win a One on One session with your favorite Barre tender and a Barre Body Studio Prize pack.

Included in your registration fee is a 30 day meal plan with a step by step guide to creating healthy delicious meals and recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Don't worry it does allow a few cheat meals so you can enjoy your Holiday Parties.  

Limited space Sign up early to ensure a spot!


Up and Coming

Looking to set some fall fitness goals? Why not join us for some UP and COMING Challenges!

 Perfect 10 Starts Wednesday September 17

There is still time to join us! 


 Click here for more information 

October brings a 20 in 30 challenge

  • Starts October 1
  • Use any existing passes or memberships
  • Complete 20 classes in 30 days to be entered to win a free entry into "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" November 30 Day Challenge

Be on the look out in November for our next 30 Day Challenge, "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you", that will challenge your commitment to: fitness, nutrition and personal wellness



Perfect 10 Fall Challenge

perfect10-300x300_copyGet ready to kick start your fall fitness goals and become a perfect 10!

Margaritas, ice cream, barbeques…. Summer can be a hard time of year to exercise, eat healthy and keep your weight on track! Now that the summer is over its time to get focused on getting back into our fitness routines and eating better in order to get fit for fall.  Join us for 10 days of clean eating and daily Barre classes during our all new Perfect 10 challenge!  In only 10 days you can motivate yourself to tighten and tone up, reduce the tummy bloating and maybe shed a couple of those extra summer pounds.  This challenge will gain you access to our exclusive Perfect 10 Facebook page where you will get daily support, motivation and daily challenges to help keep you motivated.  Not only will this challenge get you back on track for the fall, but you will also get some exclusive Barre Body Studio apparel created especially for the Perfect 10 challenge!

Food.Fitness.Function has created a customized nutrition plan for the Perfect 10 challenge.  For 10 days you will be eating basic, clean meals that will help kick-start your weight loss, reduce bloating and help you reset your body. This 10 day nutrition plan will focus on clean, unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and limited starches. Challenge yourself to eliminate craving causing foods by removing processed foods, grain products, dairy, and sugar (including sugary beverages like pop, diet pop and sugary coffee beverages.) Don’t worry - you can still have your coffee during this challenge, you just can’t add sugar or dairy!

This challenge will show you how easy healthy eating can be! You will learn how to prepare easy, delicious and CLEAN meals using a simple formula provided-  it’s as easy as choosing a few ingredients from a list tailored to your taste! Every day you will be consuming delicious vitamin and nutrient packed smoothies for breakfast, simple, refreshing and energy rich salads for lunch and quick, easy to prepare dinners that will leave you feeling satisfied. All of these meals are customizable, so you can pick and choose what you like best. To further help you with your meal ideas 5 recipes are provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  A list of No-No foods is also provided so you won’t be confused or tempted to make some add-ons to your meals that might keep you from reaching your Perfect 10 goals.

*All nutrition plans will be sent to the email connected to your mindbody account. To have it sent to an alternative email contact Elissa at elissa@foodfitnessfunction.com.

How it works:

1) From September 17- 26th you will attend ten Barre classes in ten days (stretch and core doesn't count for this challenge)! You should try at least one Barre Blast class. 

2) Eat clean and get lean! For the duration of the challenge you will eat basic, clean foods that will help detox and reset your body.

3) We will have fun daily challenges that will motivate you to keep pushing towards becoming your vision of a perfect 10.

Cost :
Monthly unlimited members: $100+GST
Non Members: $ 175+GST

SIGN UP ONLINE  Purchase from the online store under challenges

Interested? You can email us at edmonton@barrebodystudio or stop by the front desk to register! 




Baby Barre

BabbyBarre2-300x295Here at BBS we love moms and babies! We love them so much that we have created a class just for new moms and their little ones! While barre classes are great for all stages of pregnancy, our Baby Barre class is a post-natal barre class designed to give new moms a dynamic barre workout with their babies safely nestled into their own carriers.

Starting on Tuesday, October 7th and running each Tuesday until November 28th, our new, 8-week pre-registered class will not only offer you a fantastic workout but an activity you and your new baby can enjoy together!  Classes will be held each Tuesday from 10:20- 11:20. Don't fret if your little one fusses or cries during classes, it will likely happen to all of us!

Cost: $135.00 for eight weeks

This is a pre-registered class, so no drop- ins please!

To sign up click on the Pre-Registered classes tab


Level I & II: BBS training – Edmonton, Alberta

Class-2 web

Have you ever felt the urge to put on the mic, even if it is just to sing a little Beyoncé? Well we have great news; we are hosting a weekend of training, both Level I & II, at Barre Body Studio in Edmonton, Alberta this summer.

Sometimes the instructor bug isn't the only reason to take a training session. Level I is a foundation level training that is also geared to help you to take your own personal commitment to the next level. During day one you will learn the BBS method and how to turn that into a kick butt class either as an instructor or participant. Throughout the session we will also focus on form, anatomy, and how to increase your mind-body connection.All abilities and fitness levels are welcome.

Attend Barre Body Studio Level II instructor training and learn how to become a strong fitness leader by perfecting your teaching skills. Throughout day two we will discuss different teaching styles, what it takes to be an effective fitness leader, using music effectively in your classes, and how to properly cue, sequence and transition to ensure your flow from start to finish.

This two day course is for those wanting to take their knowledge of barre and their instructor skills to the next level. Whether you want to become a stronger instructor or you just want to start learning the basics, this is the training for you. NOTE: You may register separately for Level I, Level II or both dates.

Cue the music, put on the mic and start perfecting what you have learned.

July 19th and 20th, 2014

Barre Body Studio - Edmonton, Alberta
$495 for Level I and II
$325 for ONLY Level I (8 hours)
$195 for ONLY Level II (5 hours)

> attention: registration for these sessions will be done via the Calgary website

sign up for training >


BBS 30 Day Challenge - Believe it, Achieve it! Food. Fitness. Function Spring 2014


In addition to getting serious about summer with the 30 day challenge, it's time to get serious about food!  You can't exercise your way out of a bad diet and with barbecue and ice cream season coming it's time to kickstart your healthy eating habits! BBS Edmonton has teamed up with Food.Fitness.Function to develop a nutrition portion to the 30 day challenge. 

Your goal: eat 30 days of clean, healthy, whole, real foods that you prepare at home.
30 Day Challenge Cost: 
Before May 1- $140.00
After May 1- $160.00 
Monthly Unlimited Members: sign up before May 1st and your 30 day challenge is free! After May 1st, it's only 20 dollars extra. Sign up in studio today!  


Want to jumpstart your weight loss and fitness goals this challenge? RESET your diet in 5 Days with Real, Whole Detoxifying Food!

5 Day Spring Detox

May 5- May 9th



Clean up you diet, improve your digestion, kick those cravings, jumpstart your weight loss, and increase your energy all while eating real whole foods so you feel refreshed and revitalized!

For more information please click HERE 

 *Bonus- BBS Challengers if you purchase the Spring Detox you get the 7 Day Meal Plan for FREE!

 Special Offer to Barre Challengers:

 While you can design your own healthy meals based on the 7 key principals, which will provided to all Barre Challengers, Food. Fitness. Function has specifically designed a 7 Day Meal Plan for YOU. 


For $20:

 You get all the information on how to eat healthy and track your meals, plus 7 days' worth of simple recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. A convenient weekly grocery shopping list is provided, plus extra lists to help you make sure your pantry is stocked with all the basic necessities. Receive some pre-shopping tips and a portion control plate handout to help you visualize how your meals should look. Please email Elissa at elissa@foodfitnessfunction.com to sign up! 

 Do you want a more personalized service or or have a few questions about how to make your meals healthy? Food. Fitness. Function is offering 4 one on one sessions for $180. That's a savings of over 40%! Get simple tips and customized nutritional information to to help you reach your goals. Please contact Elissa at elissa@foodfitnessfunction.com for booking information.


Available to Everyone: 

 Need some extra help choosing what foods you should purchase at the grocery store? Elissa also offers a grocery shopping tour to help you better understand how to read nutrition labels and choose what foods you should be consuming. Learn how to navigate the grocery store for the healthiest foods and receive some great money saving tips along the way. Cost: $60 plus the cost of any food you wish to purchase.


Are you tired of struggling with your weight, always being tired, or feeling bloated and uncomfortable after meals? Let Elissa help you feel more confident, reach your ideal weight and improve your diet with real foods that you enjoy so you can stick to it all year. No more crash diets, it's time to make permanent changes for permanent results! Let's work together to set up a Health Coaching Program specifically tailored to you, to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.


3 month and 6 month programs are available. Please email or talk to Elissa to determine which program is better for you. Want to learn more? Join Elissa for a free healthy history to discuss your goals and answer any questions you may have.





BBS 30 Day Challenge – Believe it, Achieve it! Spring 2014


Barre Body Studio Edmonton is getting ready for summer with a 30 day challenge that will run from May 12th to June 10th!

We are so excited to help you challenge yourself and meet your fitness goals! You can customize your BBS 30 day challenge by setting your own goals and attending as many barre classes as you can achieve in 30 days. There are amazing prizes, nutritional advice and exclusive BBS merchandise included in your 30 day challenge.

Barre Body Studio wants to challenge more then just your commitment to class- we want to you to inspire your friends, your family and your community to get ready for summer too!

We will be posting one extra challenge everyday that will be related to inspiring the people in your life. Completing these extra challenges will earn you a bonus points. Examples include a 60 second plank hold, barre around town (share a picture of you doing your favorite barre move around the city), increasing your daily water intake, or bringing a friend to barre. 

Complete all 30 days of barre and all 30 bonus challenges and you will earn 60 points!  

60 Points - $50 Gift Card at Barre Body Studio   
50-59 Points - $35 Gift Card at Barre Body Studio
40-49 Points - $25 Gift Card At Barre Body Studio
30-39 Points - Free Toesox
1-30 Points - A free class pass for you or a friend

Each point is also one entry in our prize draws.   

Bonus Challenges will be announced each morning on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in the studio. Every #bbs30daychallenge you use will be additional entries into our draws!