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Barre Favs: Booty Building Exercises

The BBS method is notorious for its emphasis on sculpting, lifting and toning those bodacious booties. And to be honest, packing a little junk in the truck is what its all about these days (I mean, check out Elissa and her J. Lo booty ;)). Every barre class brings you through a series of killer exercises to tone the hamstrings, round the glutes and of course, lift the seat, in attempts to achieve that bangin' backside. To do this, we focus on the three different muscle groups that make up your glutes. First is the gluteus maximus, which is the largest muscle in your bum and is responsible for movement of the hip and thigh. It is often regarded as one of the strongest muscles in the human body. Our barrestars are always proving that one true! Up next is your gluteus medius, or often referred to in class as your side glute or “dimple”. It is situated on the outer surface of the pelvis and also works to support the hip, pelvis and thigh. This one can easily be discovered in exercises such as clamshell or sideline. Finally, is your gluteus minimus. This is the smallest of the three, situated beneath the glute med and often the hardest to work.

Now that your booty anatomy 101 lesson is complete, lets check out what the barre bosses have to say. Keep reading to see your barre instructors favourite ways to tighten the tush!

"I would have to say I love love love pretzel. The burn feels great, and when you sit up tall and manage to lift that leg up one last set and pulse 8 more.. the sense of accomplishment in this challenge feels is fantastic! I also have a love hate relationship with the chair series. The burn feels so good, it's a very versatile exercise targeting those glutes, as well as the upper body. Stacking that body like building blocks: shoulders over hips, knees ontop of ankles, sinking down an inch lower and pushing through the burn.. legs shaking like there's an earth quake that is happening right underneath me.. Well it makes me feel strong and powerful!" - Kirsten 

"It's so hard to choose a favorite barre glute exercise, but I really do love the way my tush feels after glute bridge. Plus, who doesn't love a lying down exercise? #amiright" - Lindsey

"Butt buster will forever be my favourite. It was my favourite as a participant, and now that I am an instructor I love including it in my class. It is always a challenge and there are so many ways to increase the intensity." - Kristin G

"My personal favourite barre glute exercise has to be the glue bridge with weights and then adding in hamstring activation with the legs in mermaid and on the toes.  Single leg lifts in this position are such a great killer exercise." - Erika

"Definitely monster walks with a band, they aren't pretty but they work so good." - Charlotte

"Fave barre glute exercise is probably glute bridge. I like it because you can do so many different variations to keep it interesting" - Jamie

" I love floor pretzel - by taking pretzel on the floor you really feel the slight differences in flexibility and strength between your left and right sides and it really challenges you to isolate into your glute med/outer hip to keep proper form and alignment. " - Julia

"This is such a tough one because if it was up to me I would put every glute exercise in every classes! For the glute max, I am a big fan of sumo squats or a really wide, deep squat with tiny movements, I do this one pretty often in class and I am sore every single time! Recently for glute mead, I have been doing a lot of work in fire hydrant, this one is definitely a classic for a reason." - Katarina 

"Clamshell is my all time favorite glute series! There are so many movements you can do and it doesn't take long to build that burn in the glute med, hip and thigh, add in a blue band and it's even better." -Megan

What seat-shaping + booty-building exercises are your favourite to do in class?

Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


Perkville - Rewards, Redeeming & Referring!

What is Perkville?

Perkville is a reward system that Barre Body uses to treat our barrestars. Points can be collected in various different ways and then redeemed for some really great prizes! Regardless if you have signed up for Perkville or not, we have been adding points to your account. Sign up today (with the email address corresponding to your MindBody Connect account) to see how many points you have already racked up!

How do I sign up for Perkville? 

If you are new to BBS and just entered your email into our system, you will receive a welcome email from Perkville with instructions on creating your account (be sure to check your junk mail). If you have been coming for a while and have lost that email in the abyss that is your inbox, don't worry you can create your account through the Perkville website.

How do I get points?

The easiest way to acquire points is by coming to class. For every class you attend you will receive 10 points added to your account. Referring a friend to BBS will get you 50 Perkville points! Social media is another great way to earn rewards points. Receive 5 points by leaving your comments on our Facebook, tweeting about us or following us on Twitter. Clients also get 25 points on their birthday and 25 points for just signing up on Perkville.

How do I refer friends through Perkville?

Referral points are the best way to really stock up on those rewards! To get these you can refer a friend to Barre Body Studio through your Perkville account. They will then receive an email from Perkville and once your referred friend earns BBS class points, you will get your referral points!

What can I get with my points?

BBS is giving away lots of great perks in exchange for those rewards points:

  • A free class – 500 points
  • A free pair of ToeSox – 500 points
  • $25 towards purchase – 625 points (this can be used for memberships, punch passes and apparel/swag)
  • A free BBS tank (up to $35) – 825 points
  • $50 towards purchase – 1200 points (this can be used for memberships, punch passes and apparel/swag)

How do I redeem my points?

Points can be redeemed two ways: a) redeem them online then bring the electronic confirmation to the front desk at either studio or b) we can check and redeem points for you at the studio. What are you waiting for?  Sign up now @ www.perkville.com.

Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


Barre Beats: January


We’ve heard it once or twice and by once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times ( ;)  ) that one of your favorite parts about the barre is the killer music! Allow us to introduce our newest segment to the Barre Body blog: Barre Beats. Each month we will be keeping you up to date with what we are jamming to before, during and after class. We know our challengers are about to tackle 45 days of barre, so this one is for you, download a couple of these bad boys and get pumped!  

Roses (ft. ROZES) - The Chainsmokers

Light It Up – Major Lazer (ft. Nyla & Fuse ODG) [Remix]

+1 – Martin Solveig (ft. Sam White)

The Feeling – Justin Bieber (ft. Halsy)

Broken Arrows – Avicii

Lay It All On Me – Rudimental (ft. Ed Sheeran)

Wild Things – Alessia Cara

Cheap Thrills – SIA

In The Night – The Weeknd

Powerful – Major Lazer (ft. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley)

Stay – Kygo (ft. Maty Noyes)

Stick Around – Akon & Matoma

Be Right There – Diplo & Sleepy Tom

Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd (Martin Garrix Remix)

Lush Life – Zara Larsson  

What do you want to hear in class this month – let us know through any of our social media outlets (fb: Barre Body Studio Edmonton, twitter: @barrebodyyeg, insta: @barrebodyyeg)

Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


#WomanCrushWednesday - Instructor Spotlight: Charlotte

Why do you barre so hard? 

Barre became my favourite work out almost instantly after my first class.  It makes me feel graceful (most of the time), I am challenged every class, the music is great, the results are quick and IMG_4356-683x1024the barre community is amazing.  It's a work out that I never dread going to so I find it easy to motivate myself and I love the healthy lifestyle that goes hand in hand with barre.

Any advice for the barre stars in your class? 

Any exercise is way more effective when you fire up your abdominal muscles and find the proper engagement.  That actually goes for every muscle but especially your core, if you are having trouble finding the engagement ask the instructor!  They are there to help! Also make sure you try your best to listen to all of the adjustment cues.  It can be easy to tune out, but every exercise has a sweet spot that is really going to give you that burn in the targeted area.  I can’t tell you how many “aha” moments I have had in class when I finally feel something the way I am suppose to all because of the tiniest adjustment from a cue.

What songs top your workout playlist at the moment?

It is all super random, I love a good throwback. I could have “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 on repeat for the rest of my life and be totally content.  But I also will listen to anything from Florence and the Machine to Florida Georgia Line while working out. As far as my classes go, it is pretty much all Top 40 Hits, there’s a reason they are top 40, everybody loves them right?

How did you get introduced to barre? 

I was driving home from work right past the studio and decided to go see what all the hype was about.  I went in just looking for a little bit of information and found myself in Marie’s 5:15 pm class.  The only background information I had received about barre was that it is similar to yoga.  So coming from a strong yoga background, I was ready to get into class and settle into my savasana. Long story short, I was pretty shocked when Marie put the mic on and started with “And in 4, 3, 2...let’s march!”  

IMG_4399-683x1024Tell us something that we don’t know about you!

I used to be a major adrenaline junkie. I’ve done the highest bungee jump in the world, been sky diving, grade 5 white water rafting, jumped off some questionable cliffs, spent a week living in the middle of the jungle and surfed Jeffrey’s Bay...you name it and my 19 year old self would have done it.  But now I can hardly go on a ferris wheel without getting major butterflies in my stomach.

What is your favorite post workout snack? 

Probably not the healthiest snack but I absolutely love guacamole and chips.  However, the chips aren’t as important as the guacamole, so if I’m feeling extra healthy I sometimes substitute chips for carrots. You definitely have to get that crunch some how though, that’s the important part.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe yourself, what would they be? 

I know this is probably cheating but I went for a job interview once and they asked me the same question and my answer was “happy, friendly...and I don’t know, I’m just really happy.”  Honestly, I was too nervous and couldn’t think of another word at the time, but whoever was interviewing me took it as me just being double happy and hired me anyways so I’m sticking to it.


BAM Donation Classes

Barre Body Studio YEG has assembled a team of barrestars & barretenders to get things moving and grooving for breast health. On March 19th we will be participating in the Alberta Cancer Foundations’s Bust a Move Edmonton. This is a 6 hour fitness extravaganza to raise money for the Cross Cancer Institute. Along with a few of our friends within the YEG fitness community, Megan + Elissa will be one of the headliners, leading participants through a barrestar sweat sesh. And a team of your favourite instructors will be fundraising for and participating in the event.

To raise money for the cause, we are excited to introduce weekly donation-based classes to our BBS schedule. These classes will be 60-minutes long, themed barre classes, with all proceeds going towards Bust a Move fundraising (minimum donation of $10). BAM classes will be held on Sunday’s from 1:00pm-2:00pm, starting on January 24th and running through to March 13th. Each week, class will be lead by a different barretender or team taught by two of your favs. To keep things fresh and exciting, every week the theme of the class will change! Take a look at our schedule below for dates, instructors and themes:

Sunday, January 24 (Holland Plaza) – BAM JAM – Megan & Elissa With Ike Henry

  • Barre  + ZumbaIMG_5049-768x512_copy1


Sunday, January 31 (Whitemud) – 80’s – Erika

  • Welcome to your 80's aerobics-inspired barre class. Fully equipped with throwback tracks & a special focus on upbeat cardio and stretching. Spandex and leg warmers, encouraged ... like duh!


Sunday, February 7 (Whitemud) – Bangin’ Booty – Katarina & Katharine

  • Be a badass with a good ass. Join team Katharina to work your most prized asset - lift, tone and tighten the tush like never before.  With an entire playlist sung by  ladies with Bangin' Booties or songs dedicated to those bums.


Sunday, February 14 (Holland) – Bring Your Boy to Barre – Erin & Megan

  • Show your hunny a little lovin’ with some pulse-pulse-plie action this Valentines day and what better way than barre with bae?


Sunday, February 21 (Whitemud) – Killer Core - Elissa

  • Find your solid centre as we take an hour long focus on those abdominals, obliques & back muscles.


Sunday, February 28 (Whitemud) – Cardio MAX – Katharine & Kirsten 

  • Get your heart pumping and blood flowing as things get sweaty in our high NRG cardio focused barre class.


March 6th (Holland) – BAM JAM – Megan & Elissa With Joe Lomnicki

  • Barre  + Power House Yoga

March 13th (Whitemud) – Mother + Daughter Barre – Katarina & Erika

  • Moms bring your daughters, daughters bring your moms. This class is for everyone aged 10 – 110. The ultimate girls day out!


You can sign up for all BAM classes through your MindBody Connect account. Donations can be made ahead of time @ www.albertacancerfoundation/BBSYEG or at the studio on the day of. We would like to thank our BBS community in advance, for your involvement and support. Signing off with a little Young MC wisdom: Don’t just stand there, BUST A MOVE!

Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


Form Friday - First Position PliƩ

First position plié or small V is an amazing exercise that tones the legs, particularly the back side! But as always, proper form is the key to targeting the appropriate muscles and keeping your body safe from injury. Starting with your toes and heels together, rock back onto your heels allowing your feet to open naturally, you should have a small V and narrow knees (2” apart ONLY). Rise up onto the balls of the feet ensuring all 10 toes touch the floor, the weight should be in the middle of the foot rather than in the big toes. Press the balls of the feet into the floor and squeeze the heels together. Your shoulders should be stacked over top of your hips. Continue to lengthen through the top of the head, pulling the chin into a neutral position, lift through the chest and roll the shoulders down and back. Gently rest the inside arm on the barre with the outside hand rested on the hip.

Lets Review...

Now it’s time to move! As you lower down continue to squeeze your sitz bones towards one another while engaging the glutes. As you rise back up press the balls of the feet into the floor and squeeze the heels tight to maintain the muscle activation in the back of the legs. Remember to modify when you need to by dropping the heels to the floor making this a slightly less advanced exercise. Keep the mind body connection strong to feel the intense burn throughout the series!

Barre Body Studio - Calgary


#WomanCrushWednesday - Instructor Spotlight: Kirsten

Why do you barre so hard?

I barre so hard for the results.  I love the endorphins and the positive attitude I leave the class with. I love what barre has done to my body. I love the fact I need to go out and buy a bigger pair ofIMG_4487-683x1024 jeans to fit my butt, and a smaller top to fit my waist.

What advice could you give to the barre first time-ers?

Come back again. Working out is hard, barre is a whole other level of challenging (especially for a ballet dancer). Come back, try it again. You'll be hooked, and your day doesn't feel complete until you go to barre.

What is your favourite move at the barre?

I love the butt buster series, and any abs workout that makes me burn is great!

What is your favourite quote?

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose." "If you aren't living on the edge you are taking up too much space."  

IMG_4474-683x1024What is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate in the morning.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you bring with you?

Sun cream, a great book, rum and coke in a giant cooler.


New Year 30 in 45 Challenge

2016-01-04-11.00.40-1-768x284 Ready to start 2016 off with a BANG? We know just how to do it! BBS is raising the barre with this one (yes, pun intended) and re-introducing the queen bee of all Barre Body challenges: 30 in 45 days! Not only is this our longest challenge but it is also our most goal-shaking and body-changing … sounds like just what we need to revitalize after that (maybe too) gratifying holiday season. Plus, what better way to ring in the New Year than completely devoted to your personal health and fitness. Starting on January 16 to February 29, challengers have 45 days to knock out 30 Barre Body classes. As per usual, those of you that successfully complete all 30 classes are entered to win some really great prizes and receive a $50 account credit.  As a bonus, all challengers are invited to attend Barre 101 (a form clinic to help you get the most out of class and a chance to ask questions about your own practice) and a free ticket to our Afternoon of indulgence in March.

To ensure your spot, sign up through your MindBody Connect account or click HERE to take you to our online store. Select challenges from the drop down menu, complete the sign up and you are good to go. Sign up before January 10th to save $25 off the price.  Members sign up for $75 plus your regular monthly payments.  Non Members sign up for $300 and receive a 45 day unlimited pass to knock those classes off.  Everyone who completes 30 classes will receive a $50 account credit.

We are so excited to help you kick off your 2016 resolutions. Remember, motivation is what gets you started, but habit is what keeps you going. Use these 45 days to get into the habit of crushing your fitness goals and sustaining them all year long.  

Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


10 Steps to Success in Reaching Your Fitness Resolutions

Staying fit and losing weight is statistically the most common New Years resolution in 2016.  The good news is that 75% of people are able to achieve or maintain their resolutions in the first week after setting them. The bad news is that 8% are able to achieve their goals to complete satisfaction throughout the rest of the year. Lets work on raising those statistics this year, or at least make sure that BBS YEG is in that top 8%. In order to do so, we have masterminded 10 simple steps to help you conquer those fitness goals and keep your motivation when the novelty of a resolution begins to wear off.

1) Make Your Goals Measurable – Being able to physically see or feel change is one of the greatest motivations. So instead of saying that your goal is to “get stronger" make your goal to go up a weight size during arm series or hold plank for 2 minutes during that max plank hold at the end of class. Keep track of your resolution by physical performance in barre class or at the gym. Another good example is, rather than making your resolution to “drink more water” set a measurable goal of how many L’s you want to drink per day. This way you can actually track your progress.

2) Hold Yourself Accountable to Your Goals - Make your goals challenging, yet achievable. Remember that this is a personal ambition, so create your own personal motivation, and from that will come personal accountability. One way to do this is by writing them down, and keeping it somewhere prominent. Daily reminders are always a good thing! If your goals are related to health and fitness, keeping a journal is a great strategy. Use this journal as a food and fitness log, also write down accomplishments and you can even log how you’re feeling about your resolutions.

3) Tell Your Friends About It – Share your resolutions with family and friends, you can also ask them about theirs! Nothing is possible without a solid support system. Your barretenders are a good place to start, we want to hear each and every one of those pretty little resolutions.

4) Use Social Media as a Tool – You’re obviously hip on the social scene if you’re reading our BBS blog... now get out there into cyberspace and utilize every social media outlet that you can to help you achieve your resolutions. Follow similar pages for motivational quotes, new exercises, and even some healthy recipes. Follow us on insta & twitter: @barrebodyyeg

5) Find a Work Out Buddy – Okay we get it, despite our best efforts in step #2, sometimes we are not always the best motivators for ourselves… that’s where your barre bestie comes in. Find another person with similar goals to your own and push each other to keep on track. Plus, we do love our girl squads/ power duos @ the barre.

6) Get Prepared – This step is SO important. If your resolution is to eat healthier, meal prep is key! Rid the pantry of all the junk, say goodbye to those Christmas cookies, and embrace the healthy eats week by week. If your resolution is to hit the barre more, book your classes in advance. At the beginning of the week sit down and book time in your schedule for yourself, then stick to it!

7) Treat Yourself – Choose a reward for yourself once you meet your goal, or any milestone towards your goal. There is always the classic “when I lose 10 pounds, I’m buying new clothes.” And while we love a good shopping spree, lets be real … you can be more creative then that! Promise yourself a weekend get away or a spa package or any thing else that is going to make you WORK!

8) Believe In Yourself – This might seem like and obvious one, but is it really? Pursue your resolution with confidence in yourself and your commitment to achieving your goals. Take pride in every accomplishment along the way. And most of all be proud of yourself! You are your #1 cheerleader!

9) Recommit To Your Goal - We are only human, sometimes we mess up and stray from those resolutions. Once you catch yourself wandering from that "new year, new me" mindset. Remember why you started, where you are going, and jump back in the game! Recommit everyday!

10) 30 in 45 Challenge - This one is specific to you barre babes! We know the perfect way to ring in 2016 ... 30 classes in 45 days, but of course. Starting on January 16, 2016, we are stoked to bring back the queen bee of all BBS challenges, are you ready for it? Stay posted to our blog and social media for more information.

Happy 2016 barrestars, this is going to be your year!

Barre Body Studio - Edmonton