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Barre Beats: May

We have MAD heart eyes for this months #barrebeats. Not only are we crazy obsessed with Views and Lemonade, we have also found a few other jams that make us want to shake it out. Take a listen to this month’s barre beats to get you dancing, singing and fully prepped to finish the #redefiningbarrebody challenge off strong – AYO!

Sorry – Beyoncé

Panda – Desiigner

This Is What You Came For (ft. Rihanna) – Calvin Harris

CANT STOP THE FEELING! – Justin Timberlake

Hold Up – Beyoncé

There Will Be Time – Mumford & Sons & Baaba Maal

Boyfriend – Tegan and Sara

Too Good (ft. Rihanna) – Drake

Faded (Tiesto’s Deep House Remix) – Alan Walker

Paradise (ft. KStewart) – Matoma & Sean Paul

Team – Iggy Azalea

6 Inch (ft. The Weeknd) – Beyoncé

Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande

Any more suggestions? We want to hear ’em! Send them our way on Facebook (Barre Body Studio Edmonton), Twitter or Insta (@barrebodyyeg).


Barre Body Studio – Edmonton


Your First Class

Your first class

Barre, what is it? We’re sure you’ve heard the buzz about this trendy ballet-inspired workout. Thought of giving it a shot? Well, if you’re looking for a sign, this. IS. it! This blog is for you, our first-time/future barrestars. We will take a look at the basic elements regarding what barre is, how to prep for your first class and what to expect once you hit the studio!

The Barre Body Studio method is a low-impact, high-energy fusion of yoga, pilates, and dance. We focus on building long, lean muscles, tightening the tush and strengthening the core. Using mostly body weight, light free weights, and resistance bands you will endure high repetitions to exert muscles to the point of fatigue, making this a highly effective fitness class. But, because it is choreographed to upbeat music and preformed in a highly motivating group environment, it is equal parts FUN!

Now that you have been introduced to Barre, its time to decide what class it best for you. If you have already checked out our schedule, you may have noticed a few different classes on our lineup! Here is a quick description of each of them:

Barre Body Fit – The original. This is our standard 60-minute BBS class that is perfect for all fitness levels. This class takes a broad focus on strengthening various muscle groups, incorporating cardio components, and working on flexibility.

Barre Blast – This class is an advanced variation of Barre Body Fit, with challenging strength-training exercises and a little extra cardio. A perfect options for our barrestars wanting to push their fitness experience to the limit!

Barre Press – Think of this one like our typical Barre Body Fit but compacted into 45 minutes, perfect for early mornings & the lunch hour. We combine arm work with warm up and cut the cardio for those a little pressed for time.

Barre + Stretch + Core – 20 minutes of barre, 20 minutes of core, and 20 minutes of stretching all fused together into a flow, giving you the perfect blend of stretch and strength.

Baby Barre – This is specifically a postnatal class designed for new mommas with their babies safely nestled in their own carriers. For the second part of class, babies are incorporated into floor work exercises. (Baby Barre only runs for limited time; keep an eye on the schedule for this one)

Once you have decided which class is right for you, sign up online through our website or give us a call at the studio to reserve a spot! Classes are busy, so don’t forget to book ahead!

Now lets chat about preparing for your first ever barre class! Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking, the eminent question that is running through every woman’s mind at all times … What do I wear?! Tutu’s + leotards, not required! What we do recommend is any typical workout apparel that will allow you to move and sweat! For safety and hygienic reasons, we do require that you wear grip socks in the studio. If you have your own, bring ‘em. If not, no worries – we have some for purchase and to borrow at the studio. Also, don’t forget your water bottle!

Finally, we are going to run through what to do once you get to the studio. Mention to the front desk staff that it is your first time and they will happily give you a tour of our space. They will lead you to our free, secure lockers, you are more than welcome to utilize these to store your personal items during your class. For your first class, try to arrive 15 minutes early… every class after that, 10 minutes should suffice! Be sure to inform your instructor of any injuries or ailments before class begins. We encourage you to ask questions and receive modifications from our very knowledgeable barretenders!

To set up, grab a set of light weights (we usually recommend 2 – 3 lbs for your first few classes), a ball, and any other equipment that is specified by your instructor. Take these with you and find your spot at the barre! Don’t worry about the mats quite yet, your instructor will hand them out for the last 15 minutes of class.

Plié, pelvic tuck, 4th position – what does it all mean? Don’t stress over the terminology used in class, it will be well explained and you will be picking it up in no time! But for you keeners, we have assembled a list of links to previous blog posts describing basic elements of form and alignment that you will come across in your barre class:

First Position Plié, Plank, Bridge, Waterski, Fold Over, Neutral Spine

You are now fully equipped to take on your first barre class – be prepared to sweat, shake and have a ton of fun! Remember that you don’t need a dance, pilates or yoga background to attend. Barre is absolutely suitable for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. We are proud to offer a warm, non-judgmental fitness environment, so participate within your own limits and always listen to your body.

Everybody has a first class, when is yours?


Barre Body Studio – Edmonton


Barre Favs: Spring Studio Style

BarreFavs - Spring Studio Style

Now that spring is officially in full swing, it is time to switch out those comfy, cozy sweaters for light and bight tanks! Not only have we increased our time @ the barre with the summer days ahead (hello short shorts!), but we are also upping the ante on our spring studio style! One of our favourite things about the season change is breaking out all of our favourite patterned capri’s and bight colored toesox!

This week we are asking your barretenders to tell us about their favorite fitness fashions this time of year, check them out:

“I am all about bright pants, I love leggings that are really colourful and stand out. I tend to stick to natural Barre Body tanks and Toe Soxs so I can always rock crazy tights with anything else I am wearing.” – Kristin G

“Must have: a pretty, strappy sports bra. Bonus points for patterned pants and a minimalist tank!” – Kendra

“Pink!!!” – Katharine

“All black everything is generally my go-to studio style, but the warm weather does inspire me to change things up every once and a while! I’d say that hats are my favorite workout accessory during the summer – what is a bad hair day!?” – Katarina

“I tend to stick to yoga pants and a loose fitting top because I like to be as comfortable as possible. I have been trying to steer away from buying so much grey since it seems like it is the only colour I own! At least I can accent all that grey with some brightly coloured toe sox :)” – Jamie

“When the weather warms up so does the studio so I love to break out a patterned pair of crops to go with a basic barre tank and then a thin crop tee-shirt to go overtop for warm up.  My Birkenstock sandals to and from the studio are my go to spring and summer staple footwear – great for studio to street :)” – Erika

“My studio style typically consists of full length leggings and a cute BBS top (both of which are chosen based on what I have clean!), a pair of ToeSox or Shashi Socks (chosen based on toenail condition!), and I always top my outfit off with a hair tie!” –Michelle

” I can’t get enough of wearing black on black on black, but when that warmer weather starts coming around I like to break out some bright-coloured sports bras and tanks. My favourite colour to wear besides black is blush pink.” – Lindsey

“I like to keep it simple and be comfortable, I love my leggings with a tank on top.” –Erin

“I love the warm weather because that means that I get to break out all of my favourite Lululemon skirts and shorts in barre class!” – Megan 

If you love fun patterns as much as your #barrebosses do, be sure to browse our latest Karma Wear and MPG collections that have been hitting out Barre Body Boutique! We’ve also got the heart eyes on for all of the spring colored ToeSox that you barre babes have been sporting around the studio, don’t forget to check those out while you are at it! Stay posted to the BBS blog tomorrow for some style insider tips for rocking the spring prints from studio to street!


Barre Body Studio – Edmonton


Studio Style: Printed Leggings

While leggings have been a fashion staple in the fitness world for quite some time now, a new trend seems to be taking over: patterned leggings. Say goodbye to your plain, black spandex and hello to these bight, bold prints! We are excited to give this trend a home on our shelves @ the BBS boutique, by carrying MPG + Karma brands. However, we understand that this added feature on our previously basic garment adds a whole new level of complexity. It is no doubt that making an outfit out of your new favorite pair of printed leggings proves to be a trying task, so today on the blog we are spilling a few tips and tricks about all things leggings! Read on:


Firstly, regardless if you are rocking the printed pants in studio or on the street, you can never go wrong with a basic top. Our number one tip is to keep the top half simple. Choose a color in the leggings and find a plain tank, tee or long sleeve that matches. Remember that for light-colored leggings, white or light grey is always a sure bet and for dark-colored leggings, you can never go wrong with black or dark grey. Keep your shoes (or ToeSox) within the same color scheme and you are good to go!

 One of our favorite spring styles is denim, which also happens to fit perfectly with your bold leggings. If you are looking for a post-barre look, throw on a jean jacket or a denim shirt. This is super easy and perfect for when the weather starts to climb. If you want to take this look a little bit further, add in a contrasting colored accessory like a scarf, necklace or bag.

Crop tops are always a good idea – we know what you are thinking, SAYS WHO?! But as the high-waisted trend takes off, crop tops are certainly on the rise too when it comes to active wear. People that say that diamonds are a girls bestfriend, have obviously never tried on a pair of high-waisted leggings. We are obsessed! Pair these with a cute sports bra and a slouchy crop top and you are ready to rock the barre.

Check out these pics of Julianne Hough repping the MPG brand that we carry in studio.




Barre Body Studio – Edmonton


BBS YEG + Lululemon Classes

BBS Edmonton is so excited to be teamed up with our friends at lululemon YEG to share the #barrelove with the community this summer! Starting in May and running throughout the entire summer, BBS and lululemon are thrilled to bring you and the #yegfit community free barre classes in studio each and every week! To ensure convenience for all future-barrestars we are switching up the day, time and location of our lululemon classes each month. This is what our summer Lulu lineup is going to look like:

May/June – Friday + 6:45pm + BBS Whitemud Crossing

July – Tuesday + 6:00am + BBS Holland Plaza

August – Sunday + 3:00pm + BBS Whitemud Crossing

Sign up for these classes 1 of 2 ways:

If you are one of our BBS members, you will sign up through your MindBody Connect account just like you would for any regular class. Preregistration will be available two weeks in advance, just like normal.

If you are a community member just checking out what all of the barre buzz is about, then this is your shot! You will also have to sign up for classes through MindBody Connect, however, you will sign up for the ‘lululemon Barre.’ This will be a free class, so no passes are required. You can sign up for these classes 48 hours in advance to reserve your spot! We kindly ask that if you have to cancel your lululemon barre class that you remove yourself from the class through MBC up to two hours prior to the class, this way we can open your spot up to others.

We are so excited to kick-start the summer with these community classes! Come join us all summer long for a killer burn. blast. shape! See you @ the barre lemons. ;)


Barre Body Studio – Edmonton


#WomanCrushWednesday - Instructor Spotlight: Megan

Why do you barre so hard?
To feel strong and healthy. Barre has totally changed my life! I love the ladies I work with everyday, the community we have built and of course that burn that only barre delivers.

Any advice for the barre stars in your class?
Really connect to the movement, try to visualize which muscle you are using and where you feel it in your body. Use that connection to work deeper and safer.

What is your favorite move @ the barre?
2nd position plies! They burn so good and there are so many variations/movement patterns that keep it fresh.

What is the best “side effect” you have noticed from barre?
Strength and endurance! I am constantly amazed at my ability with new activities and workouts.

What advice could you give to the barre first time-ers?
Keep the movements small and really focus on your form. Take a break as needed.  It is better to reach your limit and take a break then pace yourself and never reach your limits.

What is your favorite book, movie and/or tv show of all time?
Favorite Movie is Center stage.

What is your guilty pleasure/ pleasures?
Teen movies, especially when they break into song or dance

If you could choose any job what would it be?
I wouldn’t change this job for anything (except maybe teaching Barre on a beach year round)

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you bring with you?
Chapstick- Can’t live without

IMG_2235-Edit copy


BBS Guide to Summer Fitness


Summer is here and this means one of two things, either the summer sun and short-short season is motivating you to kick that barre booty into high-gear, or maybe you get a little preoccupied by those summer BBQ’s and patio sips that your workouts get tossed on the back burner. This blog post is for those of us caught in the second group (and lets be real … we have all been there). It is inevitable, fitness motivation fluctuates during the summer month, so we are writing this blog to keep you on point with your barre practice and healthy lifestyle throughout the coming months. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep your fitness motivation at its prime all summer long.

1) Be sure to keep things cool and adjust your body temperature during summer workouts. In any exercise, including barre, your muscles use energy by burning fuels (like fat and carbs) this produces heat. As muscle heat production continues, the blood circulates throughout your body causing an overall internal temperature rise. When things heat up in the summer it is important to maintain a safe internal temperature when working out. Our bodies have natural ways of maintain this temperature, such as sweating. But you can also stay cool by wearing light clothing, drinking plenty of water, taking a cool shower or even applying a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil on the back of your neck or at your temples helps cool things off. Oh, and we have AC over here at the barre studio.

2) Find innovative ways to incorporate workouts into your weekly routine that can only be done in the summer. When the sun is shining, lets make the most of it! Did you know that something as simple as washing your car burns around 200 cal/hour? Getting outside for your summer sweat sesh is the perfect way to switch up your fitness routine and soak up a little sun. PS. Stay posted for some outdoor barre classes coming your way this summer!!

3) Refuel and Hydrate! This is crazy important during any summer activities! Replenish hydration in your body by drinking plenty of water before, after and during your workout. Also, fill up on fruits and veggies with a high water percentage to keep you full and hydrated. Watermelon and strawberries are 92% water and cucumbers and iceberg lettuce are 96% water, get it in ya!

4) Add the occasional sweat sesh into your summer vacation. Tend to overindulge on your summer vay-cay? You’re certainly not alone. Skip the guilt by setting aside time to get the heart rate going while you’re on vacation. Runs, hikes and bikes are a great way to see the city that you’re exploring while burning a few calories. Going somewhere tropical? Take a swim in the ocean, try out stand up paddle boarding or white water rafting! Get creative barre babes!

5) Find your balance. We cannot stress this enough, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important every month of the year but it is all about the balance. Remember that having one too many frozen margaritas on a hot day is not going to throw you off of your health and wellness game entirely. This summer, try to find your balance between work and play to remain healthy and happy. And don’t worry, you can always work off those margaritas at the barre.

We hope that this has inspired your summer fitness and maybe even given you a few new ideas to get active. We will see you @ the barre all summer long.


Barre Body Studio – Edmonton


Redefining 'Barre Body' - Community

Today we are continuing on our mission to refine 'barre body.' We have turned to the community of BBS and asked them to share their inspiration going into this challenge. We have asked a few of our long-time barrestars what exactly a 'barre body' means to them and how it has evolved throughout their barre fitness journey. Read on to see what they have to say.

"I’ve been doing barre for 1.5 years and my body, soul, and mind have never felt better or more connected.  I credit the barre community for encouraging me to find my strength and own it. My barre-mind has convinced my body that it can do anything and I see this confidence in all corners of my life.  My barre body is strong, happy and healthy...and a little bit sassy ;)" - Heather

"I've been thinking about what a 'barre body' means to me and a couple words keep coming to mind. For me having a barre body means having a strong and capable body. Having a barre body surpasses just being fit in class, I feel energized and and am able to physically keep during my day." -Michelle

"To me, a barre a body is one that is stronger, fitter, and happier. It’s not having to ask your husband to lift or carry heavy things so much! It’s doing more physical activities and enjoying them without getting tired. Having more energy. Pushing yourself to go further and harder. All of which I have personally experienced and I gotta say - it feels awesome!" -Rebekah

"A 'barre body' to me is feeling strong, healthy, energized, and confident in my everyday. My barre body let's me go longer on the mountains when I'm snowboarding because I'm stronger. My barre body gives me boosts of energy at a long day at work (especially when I know I'm off to class after!).  And my barre body gives me confidence because I feel good about myself and I'm working out for me!" -Katie

"A "barre body" represents a commitment to health and wellness from the inside out.  It just happens - You get stronger and leaner, your posture improves, you have more energy for the day, you sleep better at night, you want to eat better to fuel your transforming body, you just want to keep on barring!" - Melanie

We would love to hear from every member of our community. Throughout the past few days we have heard so many authentic and inspirational definitions of a 'barre body,' we have certainly established that it means something a little bit different to everyone. Share with us what it means to you by using the hashtag #redefiningbarrebody and tagging us on any of our social media handles. If you have a little bit more to say than 140 characters, feel free to send us an email at edmonton@barrebodystudio.com. We want to hear your success stories and celebrate them with you because we are SO proud of you and your very own 'barre body.'


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


Redefining 'Barre Body' - Instructors

"The Barre Body is about strength, not just physically but mentally as well. It’s the strength to hold on when the instructor says last set, even when we all know the instructor is lying; there are lots more sets coming. It’s the strength that we draw from to keep pushing ourselves that little bit more every class. The barre body is not about looking a certain way it’s about how strong we feel after we complete a series. Our bodies may not be designed to “look a certain way” but everyone can be strong!" – Elissa
Elissa - short

"Strength as in the obvious connotation, my muscles are definitely stronger! But I also feel that the physical strength that allows me to push through those last few seconds of plank, has translated into mental strength as well. On days I feel really burnt out and tired I am able to push through in a more positive and productive way. It's an attitude shift that I attribute to my time spent at barre, and although not necessarily visible, it is a part of my "barre body" that I am proud of. As far as versatility, I have found that the type of exercises we do in barre classes have allowed my body to do SO many physical feats with ease that were not so easy previously. Practicing barre has improved my stamina and speed in running, allows me lift heavy items more easily (and with proper form), and has even improved my posture while doing mundane things like sitting at a desk or driving. I am less sore/exhausted when I partake in activities that aren't part of my normal routine, like snowboarding and hiking. Basically my barre body is up for anything, which is a very liberating thing :)" – Jamie

Jullia - short

"To me a barre body is one that is not only strong physically but is also strong mentally. It is a body that is self-aware, continuously adapting and always striving to be the best it can be. It's a body that is confident and purposeful; it knows what it wants and is willing to work for it both in and out of the studio. It encourages, uplifts and believes in itself and others. It's a body that wakes up early or stays up late to invest in itself, push itself, sweat, shake and burn - and reminds itself that it can always go a little, teeny, tiny bit deeper!" – Michelle

Michelle - short

"To me, a ‘barre body' is a ‘Yes I Can Body’, involving an elevation in both physical and mental capacities. It’s about evolving and improving functionality in all aspects of our lives. Yes, there are physical aspects, such as gaining better posture. But a ‘barre body' has an even larger effect—adding on a head held high, and a ready mind. " – Kendra

Kendra - short

"A barre body for me is more mental than physical. Taking the time for me to focus on my health by exercising provides me with a clear head that allows me to take on whatever challenge is thrown at me that day. My barre body is what gives me the strength, endurance and energy to keep up with my busy little toddler." - Mary Jo

MJ - short

"My barre body is a mindset of striving to be the best person I can be. From setting achievable goals to accomplish, surrounding myself with positivity and letting go of the things that cause negativity, guilt or shame makes it possible for me to see the beauty within." - Erin

Erin - short_copy

"Society puts so much pressure on us from a young age to be beautiful: no stretch marks, no cellulite, flawless skin, no imperfections. We look at these magazines of women on the covers who are air brushed to society’s definition of "perfection" and feel trapped by trying to achieve this look. I feel that as a woman in this century, I am obligated to step forward and take a stand against this opinion and recognize that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Simply put, "beauty shines from within." Since I became involved in barre and participated in classes, I feel stronger, powerful, attractive, and more confident. At the end of a class I leave feeling more fulfilled, more positive, content with myself and my progress, and I think that this internal change, progression and satisfaction shines outwardly. Barre body is about finding the glow, being comfortable in your own body, challenging yourself to new heights and leaving that class shining. I am truly honored to be a part of this experience for the women in our community, and I hope we can push out this age old opinion of the "perfect female figure" and realize we are all beautiful and we all shine." - Kirsten

Kirsten - Short_copy


Redefining 'Barre Body' - Instructors

“A Barre Body is the result of all the hard work you put in to every pulse, hold and plie. It allows you to live the life you want, while feeling strong and capable. It has nothing to do with what size you wear but everything about how you feel. It is about balance between work and play, indulging and not feeling guilty. My Barre Body is strong, healthy and happy. ” - Megan 

Megan - short

"To me a barre body is few different things. Firstly, it is progress. It is when you make it through that super tough lunge series that you used to need a break half way through. Or when your abs are on fire but you still go a little bit deeper for that last 8 counts. Secondly, a barre body is awareness. When you start to notice that your shoulders stay relaxed throughout the whole class without even thinking about it. When you are walking down the street and you feel your butt engage every time you take a step. And most importantly, a barre body is balanced. The ability to burn it out at the barre and then not feel guilty for going for a beer after. A barre body is the perfect balance between hard work and play. Taking the time to enjoy and love the body you have is just as important as maintaining it." - Charlotte

Charlotte - short

"To me a barre body is being confident in your own skin with an "I can do that and more - just watch ;)" attitude and true happiness is looking at your amazing reflection in the mirror during class (and any mirror for that matter)." - Erika

Erika - short

“A barre body comes in every shape and size, the common element each has is that feeling you get from barre. It can be so hard to get through long days sometimes, but after a barre class, the energy and endorphins you experience are like nothing else. They make you want to come back, they make you want to become stronger and push yourself to that next level. People talk about a runners high, but I am all about the barre high! It’s a feeling like no other." -Kristin

Kristin - short_copy1

"To me, a “barre body” is feeling empowered and confident in your own skin. Accepting where you’re at day to day and using barre as aJulia - short tool to not only achieve physical health but also to ground yourself in the moment and devote that time in class solely to yourself. Barre is a powerful way to keep your mental health in check!" - Julia

Julia - short

"Since barre came into my life I've never felt stronger - in more ways than one. Physically, I'm now able to ski down slopes and climb up mountains with ease because my legs, backside, and core are really strong. But it's the mentally strong part that feels the most rewarding: having the stamina and alertness to be successful in my career; feeling confident and beautiful in my own skin; and being surrounded by an even stronger barre family who uplift one another every single day. So, to me, a barre body means strength. In many different ways." - Lindsey

Linds - short_copy

"A Barre Body is a powerhouse! Its a body that supports you in doing everything that you want to do and a mind that is ready to take on anything. I think that if we actually take a step back and really recognize all of the incredible things that our body can do for us, we should have nothing but love for it. My 'barre body' is always surprising me!" - Katarina

Katarina - short

"A barre body has physical and mental stamina. It provides the power to persevere through life. A barre body works hard to achieve personal goals. It allows you to feel secure in your own skin. A barre body needs no comparison. It looks physically different on everyone, but the mindset is the same. External standards do not influence a barre body. Self acceptance is the key. So listen to your barre body and don't feel guilty about having that iced venti caramel macchiato ;)" - Katharine

Katharine - Short