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BBS Hall of Fame: Rossana


Meet Rossana - a barre all-star, well on her way to her 500th class! Rossana has been pulsing, plie-ing, and sweating with us since 2016. She always has such a wonderful presence in the studio from welcoming new-comers, to encouraging her fellow barre-stars before and after class. Every class, Rossana works harder than the last class, and always pushes herself to her next level. We are in such awe of her dedication to her practice, and are always excited to have her beautiful presence in studio!


Why do you barre so hard?

I love barre for so many good reasons: It is my happy place. It is a part of my day where I get to have fun and discover what my body is capable of doing. All of the instructors are wonderful, talented people, who do a great job and I really appreciate all the hard work that goes into the classes. 
How has barre impacted you?

Barre has impacted me in so many ways; my body has improved so much in strength, posture, and stamina. I feel so good after the class even if it looks like I’m going to die. I love the music, and the sense of humour from all of you beautiful people.

How did you get introduced to barre?

I was introduced to barre by my best friend and from day one I felt in love. I can honestly say I’m addicted to Barre!

Enjoy the little things - what little things make you smile?

Seeing bunnies in the fall-winter, looking at the amazing colours in the sky, the full moon… I guess they’re not so little, and smell of freshly made coffee too!

What is your guilty pleasure/pleasures?

Eating a donut, macaroons, and popcorn.

What is your favorite quote?

“Be present. It is the only moment that matters“


BBS Hall of Fame: Marta

Meet Marta - a barre superstar, an amazing mom, and one of the sweetest ladies that we know! Not only does Marta bring her friendly attitude and charming smile to the barre, she also brings some major dedication. Marta has been pulsing it out with us since 2014 and gets her workout in almost every, single day! You can often see Marta accompanied by her daughter, Brianne. Not only is the totally mother-daughter goals, but we also praise Marta for being an incredible role model for her daughter. Read more about where Marta fits within the BBS tribe! 

Why do you barre so hard?

Barre has been the only exercise that I have been able to stick with for the last 3 years. I have tried everything with terrible results. I love the feeling I get after I finish a class - energized without the sweat ... I do SOAR for that!!!
What does being a part of the BBS tribe mean to you?

The BBS community is a great group of strong and amazing woman (& a few men) that motivate and inspire me to be heathy and get in shape, especially when we do challenges together. They are great support when I need it the most (you know who you are gals.) I also love bonding with my daughter Brianne at barre. Through barre I am able to showing her what it is like to live a healthy lifestyle. You'll see us once in a while at barre or SOAR together. 

 Other than barre, what exercises do you do to stay well-rounded?

I love to go for long walks in the river valley. SOAR classes have become my favorite cardio ever since they were brought to the studio. 

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

I love how the barretenders push me past limits that I didn't even know existed! They keep me motivated to continue to come on a regular basis, especially when I begin to see results ... my “love handles" are finally gone! I also love how I feel stronger than I ever have before. 

Tell us something that we don't know about you?

7 years ago my family and I hiked the Inca trail in MachuPicchu, Peru (where I'm from.) That has to be the hardest thing I have ever done, but it was also the most rewarding thing I have ever done. 

What is your favorite quote?

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde


BBS Hall of Fame: Simone

If you have not already - meet Simone! She is a dedicated member of our tribe, who shares her passion with the entire community. Simone fell in love with barre instantly and completed 550 classes in just over 1.5 years! Not only will she testify to growing her own strength over the past year and a half, but she is also constantly sharing that strength with the people around her. Her words of encouragement among the BBS tribe and positive attitude in class is exactly what landed her a spot in out BBS Hall of Fame. (Oh yeah, and she makes the best peanut butter cookies ;) ) Check out her feature below! 

FullSizeR (1)

Why do you barre so hard? 

I ‘barre so hard’ because it’s fun and continues to be a challenging workout even after 19 months, with each class often harder than the last! Barre combines my preferred ways to exercise with its integration of Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, and free weights. I really appreciate the class structure that encourages a mind-body connection and the use of all muscular-skeletal (and mental) groups. For me, class time just flies by with the quick succession and smooth flow of the diverse exercises that demand my total concentration. All the instructors are truly dedicated professionals who work hard to create a comfortable and inclusive exercise community, continually motivate the students, and integrate good teaching and coaching strategies. I am impressed by all the instructors’ creativity and smooth choreographic transitions while keeping to 126bpm, as well as their ability in providing helpful cueing while sweating along with the class.  

What does being part of the BBS Tribe mean to you?

I love being surrounded by strong, intelligent and compassionate women (and a few men!) who continually support each other on physical and emotional levels. Small and big accomplishments in the studio are celebrated by both “barretenders” and “barrestars”, and this is really evident in the barre challenges.  It really is a pleasure to be able to attend any class and not have a preference; actually, my favourite instructor is the one who is currently teaching the class I’m attending, and my favourite barre buddies are the ones sweating and working hard beside me!  I cherish the many friendships I have made within the BBS community and hope to continue seeing everyone at the barre for a long time.

How has barre impacted you? 

Wow – so many ways! I would say the first major impact was the realization that although I thought I was fit, barre classes continually pushed me way beyond my usual exercise comfort zone with cardio bursts and attention to proper form. I no longer have a love-hate relationship (which honestly started as a hate-hate thing) with the cardio sections of class; I actually look forward to them and try to regularly attend the Barre, Sweat and Tone classes. The second major impact was to stop ‘cheating’ by using my natural flexibility to not work as hard in the barre moves. I now focus on better form and strength and have eliminated the danger of over-extension and repetitive strain on muscles and joints. I’ve learned to improve my flexibility with dynamic stretching rather than passively staying in poses. Another impact has been a return to the integration of musicality and rhythm to accentuate a fitness regimen, along with a new musical repertoire of appropriate songs to match the specific exercises. And I’m also hungry all the time (in a very positive way) from intensive daily workouts!

What other exercise do you love (in addition to barre) to keep your routine well rounded? 

I was trained in competitive gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and yoga as a teenager and have continued doing daily exercises (morning and night) to maintain flexibility and core strength. I also currently attend adult classical and contemporary ballet classes and have recently added Syntonics: a practice which strives for the elimination of unconscious and dysfunctional muscular and movement habits and the harmonious balancing in the skeletal musculature. Syntonics’ purpose is the recovery of the dynamic ability of the organism to continually respond, adapt and re-create itself in a healthy and functional way.

Tell us something that we don’t know about you! 

I am a Franco-Albertan Anthropologist and I have concentrated my research and interest in the specialized areas of symbolic interaction, performance, communication, pop culture, ritual activities, aesthetics, and ethnomusicology. I taught for almost 30 years at the University of Alberta (mainly the francophone campus) striving to improve teaching and learning experiences, with an interest in student engagement and student empowerment through active learning. 

Other activities include involvement in the francophone community and volunteer stage technical work and stage managing (and musician/performer wrangler) for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival since its origin in 1980, the Uptown Folk Club, Winterfest and Interstellar Rodeo. Along with my family, I am an active supporter, promoter, and patron of local visual arts, music, theatre and contemporary dance.

I am a long-time resident of Edmonton; I have been married for 35 years to local artist Blair Brennan and we have three strong intelligent talented and beautiful daughters – Sophie, Siona and Céline.

What is your favorite post workout snack?

My post workout snack/meal usually includes eggs or dairy or nuts, and vegetables or fruit. As mentioned in the ‘impact’ question, I am always hungry and post workout eating is really important. Because of health reasons (celiac and allergies), I need to follow a strict gluten-free grain-free lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. I find it essential to incorporate protein into every snack and meal, and I try to make vegetables tempting and delicious.

Luckily, I enjoy baking and cooking and have a big garden that provides lots of fresh vegetables. I have adapted favourite recipes and have created a lot of grain-free goodies that I love to share with anyone who also likes cocoa and coconut, dried fruit, nuts and peanuts, yogurt, and especially dark chocolate!


BBS Birthday Bash!


Go shorty its yaaaa birthday, we're going to party like it's your birthday! Heyooo - it's that time of year again, a birthday bash that lasts all month long! Our OG studio, BBS Whitemud Crossing, is turning 4 and our baby studio, BBS Holland Plaza, is turning 2! Here is whats going on at the studio this month ...

  • We will be running a full free day of classes on the birthday of each studio. All classes will be free on September 15th @ BBS Holland Plaza and all classes will be free on September 29th @ BBS Whitemud Crossing. You can save your spot at the barre 7 days prior to the event!

  • Plié Party - black light barre on September 15th at BBS Holland Plaza. This class will include black lights, glow sticks, and your favourite barre body burn. A few of your favourite barretenders will be leading you through your Friday night dance party @ around 7pm, Holland Plaza. The price for this event is $10 for members and $20 for non-members. RSVP + save your spot at the barre through MindBody Connect. This link will take you there! 

  • Class passes will be on sale from September 15th to September 30th. This promotion will be offered through our online store and also available in studio. Once the sale begins, keep your eye on our facebook page for links to these sale prices. Here is what we've got going on:
10 class pass will come with 2 additional classes. 
20 class pass will come with 4 additional classes.
3 week unlimited package for new clients will be $42

  • BBS Birthday Challenge! This will be running from September 15th to October 31st and we challenge you to crush out 30 classes in 45 days. We will be collaborating with some of our absolute favourite local businesses and talents to bring you the best prize packages yet and the grande prize will be one year of unlimited barre! The cost to sign up for this challenge will be $25 for members and $225 for non-members. The price for non-members will include entry into the challenge and unlimited barre from September 15th to October 31st. Sign up now!

  • We will be hosting two amazing, local pop up shops on both birthday days! You can catch True Active Wear with us on September 15th @ BBS Holland Plaza. Check out their website here! And you can catch Mia West Active on location with us on Septer 29th @ BBS Whitemud Crossing. Visit their website here

We cannot wait to celebrate with you!


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton 


BBS Hall of Fame: Jon + Kelly

When you both have a similar goal in mind, nothing can stop you. Meet Kelly and Jon - they are our BBS #CoupleGoals! You've probably seen them pulsing at BBS Holland Plaza or soaring through a bounce class. Either way, they use group fitness as an opportunity to motivate each other, maintain a healthy lifestyle and also, to spend time together. We chatted with these BBS Hall of Fame-ers and asked them all about their experience with couple's fitness + BBS. Read what they have to say below:  


Why do you barre so hard?

Kelly - I love that even though it’s a workout I am actually having fun doing it. Even when I think I don’t want to go I am smiling as soon as I walk through the doors. Everyone (plus the music!) is so upbeat and positive and the energy is awesome. I love that every class is different and challenges my strength in different ways. I walk away from each class knowing I’m stronger and have done something amazing for my mind and my body.

Jon - I love the Barre community. The people that come here and the instructors are always so positive and it helps make me want to push myself to the best of my abilities. The variety of the different types of classes as well as the different instructors keeps me working hard. Plus having a great looking butt is a bonus!

What other exercise do you live (in addition to Barre) to keep your routine well rounded?

Kelly - I like to throw one of Shaun T’s Insanity Max:30 or T25 workouts into the mix for a really good cardio or strength challenge. I like the option to use heavier dumbbells and the cardio workouts still kick my butt every time.  In the winter months I like to try and go to aquafit once a week for something totally different. I also love the Soar classes at the studio which have definitely helped to build my cardio endurance.

Jon - I love to play team sports and during the summer time I play Ultimate Frisbee with co-workers. I’ve been playing for about 5 years and it’s a great cardio workout since I don’t mind running with a purpose! During the winter time we like to try and swim and do Aquafit with friends.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Kelly - My guilty pleasure is curling up on the couch with some type of junk food and watching low quality TV shows such as: The Real Housewives of the O.C or Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, Geordie Shore, and Teen Mom. I know there are so many better TV shows I could spend my time watching but I just can’t help but enjoy the “unscripted” drama!  

Jon - My guilty pleasure is playing video games. Nothing beats vegging on the couch and playing games for hours on end. I have also been known to watch Geordie Shore with Kelly (and enjoy it). Oh, and thanks to Kelly I am also a “Belieber”

Tell us something that we don’t know about you!

Kelly - I am a total Disney nerd! I love to watch Disney movies and my all-time favorite is The Little Mermaid. We have a house full of various Disney collectibles and my favorite place to vacation is Disney World in Orlando because it’s my happy place! We have been to a Disney theme park every year since 2008 (sometimes twice in the same year) and last year we completed my Disney bucket list item and have visited all the Disney theme parks around the world – Anaheim, Orlando, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo!  

Jon - I was a competitive swimmer for about 15 years at a provincial level. I started when I was 5 after the swim instructors failed me at the red level for being too short since I couldn’t stand in the shallow end without my head sticking out of the water! I was also a swim coach for about 3 years after I had finished swimming competitively and have taught many of my friends how to swim better.

What made you start doing barre together?

Kelly - My best friend lives in Calgary and she had won a free month pass to the Barre Body Studio there. I was visiting her one weekend in November 2016 and she told me I had to come to class with her because she thought I would love barre. She was right! I loved how much it challenged my strength in a different way. I started the two week unlimited trial in December and was hooked. I had been in need of a change to my fitness routine as home workouts had become repetitive and motivation was getting hard to find. I have dragged Jon to all sorts of group fitness classes in the past (i.e step class, aquafit, bootcamp, Zumba) and figured he might as well give barre a try too since he was struggling just as much as I was in finding motivation to workout. I convinced him to give it a whirl and after his trial period we both ended up with monthly unlimited memberships and you’ll find us at the barre or on the trampolines most days of the week!

Jon - We have done group fitness classes together in the past and enjoy working out together. We started to do at home “Beachbody” workouts but after almost a year of doing them it got repetitive and boring. Kelly had started doing barre and told me that she had seen a few guys there and she told me I should give it a try.  I started with a three week unlimited and went as much as I could to maximize my experience and I ended up really enjoying the classes! After the trial period I signed up for a monthly unlimited pass and the rest is history!

How is working out together different than working out separately?

Kelly - I think working out together gives you a lot more motivation to get to a class or get a workout in because you become a team and you aren’t doing it just for yourself. It keeps me more accountable for my actions and choices because they impact my partner. I like working out together because even when there are days we might not be feeling up to it, we can borrow positive vibes and energy from each to get through the workout. I feel this gives you that extra push to challenge yourself and work a little harder each time. It also is just awesome to be able to spend time with my favorite person doing something that is actually good for you and enjoyable at the same time!

Jon - Working out with Kelly gives me more motivation to not only exercise but also to try harder and push myself. I have always found that working out by myself takes a lot of extra mental effort to push myself to do the best that I can since no one was watching me and it was easy to give up.  

If you had to choose 3 words to describe each other what would they be and why?

Kelly - Jon is patient, selfless, and laidback. He is the perfect match for my sometimes too “Type A” personality. I often say I am a “realist not a pessimist” but Jon is definitely an optimist. His positive attitude and outlook on everything is inspiring and keeps me striving to live life to the fullest every day. He is a patient listener and is always thinking of how he can take care of or make other people in his life happy and I admire that about him.

Jon - Kelly is motivating, witty and dedicated. She helps keep me on track when I’m feeling extra lazy, either at home or at the gym. She also is very quick witted and can always say something funny or sarcastic without missing a beat which always puts a smile on my face. She is extremely hard working and always puts her whole heart and soul into whatever she’s doing.


Athlete Strength. Dancer Grace. - The Importance of Flexibility & Strength


Build muscle - Evolve resilient bodies - Induce strength
Lengthen muscles – Stretch to capacity - Bend without breaking


These are the goals that drive our barre classes, each with a coinciding theme: strength and flexibility. We find strength in the burn of each small movement and we find flexibility in the release. Strength is the quality of being strong, flexibility is the quality of being limber. While they may sound dissimilar, barre is the art of fusing these two abilities together to encourage the most able bodies. In fact, we highly value the fact that they work best in partnership.

 S T R O N G – Each pulse, plié, and contraction that causes the muscles to shake is pushing muscle fibers to the point of total exertion. By fatiguing not only the large muscle groups but also their supporting accessory muscles, our prime motive is strength. Strength is crucial to a healthy body because it supports life functions, maintains general health, and fosters overall wellness.

 F L E X I B I L E – You most likely recognize this as the stretching component of class – the warm up, the barre stretch after a series, the final stretch on the mats - you certainly are not wrong. After peak exertion, we deliver a stretch to release the muscles that were previously pushed to their limit. However, what you might not know, it that anytime we are working an exercise in extension, this is also promoting flexibility. Flexibility is crucial to a healthy body because it a key player in injury prevention, reducing stress in fatigued muscles, and promoting a greater range of motion to take your workout to the next level.

So how do they work together?


The relationship between strength and flexibility is significant for a variety of reasons. Flexibility affects strength because a limited range of motion is going to hinder your best strength gains. Think about the mobility required in a squat … when you get deeper into the movement, you can push the muscles further. Having the flexibility to put your body in the proper position and alignment for an exercise is a vital part of fitness. But with that said, the stronger you get, the more flexibility you lose. It is crucial to continue to stretch before, after, and during resistance training to keep the body limber but also to maintain this desired flexibility.

Likewise, strength affects flexibility because flexibility without the corresponding strength to support it can result in joint instability. This is when tissues weaken and are no longer able to hold the bones of the joints in proper place. Lets break this down further – Joints allow movement throughout the body. Ligaments hold the bones of the joints in place while your body is at rest; muscles hold the bones of the joints in place while your body while moving. It is absolutely essential that muscle strength is developed to support the body in motion.

In conclusion, the body must be both supple and strong. We consider this these two qualities fundamental in each barre class that we lead. And encourage you to find a balance between the two to cultivate the most functional, healthy, and best body possible! 



Barre Body Studio – Edmonton


Barre Favs: Summer Fitness

BarreFavs - Summer Fitness

With the warm weather and the extended YEG sunshine, the fitness opportunities are endless during the summer months! We turned to your barretenders this week to ask how their fitness game changes during the summer. While you can always catch them at the barre, they have some really good ideas on how to compliment your barre workouts with some sun and fresh air. Read all about it below!

"In the summer I look forward to more activities that get the body moving and the heart pumping outside! I really like to head over to the Grandview stairs when I have a free night and we love taking Bax out for more walks because the weather is so much nicer. Also, does running to catch up with the ice cream truck count as cardio? Asking for a friend…" - Jill

"For some reason I'm open to doing and trying more things in the summer. Last summer I ran stairs for the first time which was killer! Not sure what I might try this year!" - Lauren

"Not really, I'd love to say I get out and go running in the valley or do stairs outdoors at Glenora, but I am a terrible runner. I go for more walks outdoors and enjoy the trails. This year, I might end up utilizing my back yard though! --- Benefits of living on a golf course ;-)" - Kirsten

"I usually increase my bicep workouts. It takes a lot of effort to bring the icy cold margarita to my lips while sitting on the patio!" - Elissa

"Once summer hits I resume all outdoor activities! Tennis, golfing, river valley walks (I might even take up running this summer - probably not, but maybe!), biking, Frisbee, the list goes on. You will still catch me at the Barre probably as much as I am now - but any time spent during the colder months going to other studios or checking out new fitness gigs in Edmonton is now transferred to outdoor activities!" - Michelle

"How does your fitness game change once summer hits? To be honest, my fitness game slows down a little during summer. Although I play rec league slo-pitch, I spend more time hanging out with friends (usually on a patio) than I do taking my usual barre, spin, and yoga classes. Whoops!" - Lindsey

"More time spent doing outside activities; walking/running in the river valley, biking, hiking, outdoor yoga, stairs, whatever I can do to get outside and enjoy the sun." - Carla

"I don't do much differently in the summer in terms of my workouts, but generally I am more active, walking more, playing outside with my girls, swimming, hiking, etc. I LOVE summer!" - Jessica

"Mine pretty much stays the same! I love to switch it up with outdoor activities since it is after all nice out :)" - Hannah

"Once the snow is off the ground I tend to run outside quite a bit more. It's a great way to get exercise in while still enjoying the beautiful weather." - Jaime

"When summer comes, my fitness game gets weaker because I'm sitting on the patio. Just kidding it really doesn't change much but I try to go outside more often." - Emily

"With the extra daylight, and warmer temperatures, I start running outside again in the mornings! I love being outside, and its the perfect way to start my day." - Christy

"When summer hits I often try to do more outside fitness activities to take advantage of the sun and heat! Anything from a walk to biking or playing in the yard with my nieces, all a great way to change up the routine!" - Erika

"My fitness game kicks into high gear when the summer comes! There is something about sunny mornings that energize me to get a workout in first thing. Also, I am stoked that hiking season is back!" - Katarina

"It's summer and we might as well enjoy the nice weather while it lasts so there will be a lot more hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. Pretty much anything that I can do outside that's active." - Erin
Now get out and enjoy the sunshine barrestars.


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


#GirlBoss - Tanya

Meet Tanya – founder, designer, creator. Tanya started a small succulent business, Fringe & Flora, last year in November 2016. We started by asking her a little bit about how she started up her business and what lead her to this field.

I’ve made many flower arrangements and potted plants for my own yard but wanted to create something on a smaller scale that people can have in their homes, offices, events, or give as gifts and become part of/enhance their home decor.

I started by choosing my pots and planters. I’m very selective about what type of pots I use- I want them to be beautiful and special but simple enough to allow the plants to shine. As well, I wanted to provide selections for many different tastes and decor styles. Succulents seemed like the obvious choice of plants to use because they are so beautiful, unique and diverse, and are relatively easy to care for and can be made to suit any space. It wasn’t easy to find a supplier for them since they don’t grow well in Alberta, but luckily I found a local nursery that I source most of my succulents from and occasionally will bring some in from BC. If only we had the weather to grow succulents year round, I would be in heaven!

Next came months of creating arrangements for family and friends to see what worked and what didn’t. It was a huge learning process and involved many sleepless nights, but I eventually came up with a cohesive collection which was photographed for my website. I decided to work with a local photographer/designer, Jillian Schecher, which was so helpful and such a positive experience.




Then we asked Tanya to tell us a little bit more about the specifics of her brand. What the early stages of building her brand looked like, what her creative process looks like now, and how she collaborates with her clients to make each creation unique and authentic. This is what she said …

When developing Fringe & Flora, I knew what look and vibe I was going for but I just didn’t know how to translate it into a brand. I decided to work with a local photographer/designer which was so helpful and such a positive experience. She helped bring my vision to life and create a brand that is truly “me” and shows what I offer, as well as keep me inspired and gave me confidence during the tough times when I wanted to give up.

Fringe & Flora arrangements are made-to-order and each one is unique. Customers can browse the collections of arrangements on the website, fringeandflora.com, and choose which style of arrangement and planter they like. From there, I have them fill out an order form with specific questions, for example how many succulents, if they want one larger or multiple smaller ones, colour palette, the décor style- to get a sense of what they want. Customers can be very specific and know exactly what they want, but often they give me full control to create something special for them.

I also receive requests for arrangements through social media and email. Often a person will like something I’ve posted on Instagram and message me to order something similar. I’m very open to all forms of inquiries and love working with clients and hearing their ideas, making it a collaborative process. Some of my nicest arrangements were created because of requests and feedback from clients.

Once the client places the order I will plan their arrangement and choose the perfect succulents. I try to keep a selection of succulents on hand but will always go out of my way to find just the right ones for that specific arrangement. Sometimes this means ordering something in or shopping around locally The whole process can take up to a week but if someone needs something on short notice I always do my best to have it ready for them. I offer delivery to the Edmonton area for a small fee, or pickups at my downtown studio at no charge.

Sometimes a person has a special container that they want used for their arrangement. I’m happy to do custom orders, as well as replanting a Fringe & Flora planter if the succulents start looking tired and need to be refreshed.

I have done a few pop-ups around the city and will open up my studio on the occasional weekend so people can stop by and shop some pre-made arrangements. The best place to get the scoop on what's going on with Fringe & Flora is probably Instagram (@fringeandflora).


We asked Tanya what she likes about her job and asked her what her favourite part of being an entrepreneur was. We also chatted with her a little bit about the life of an entrepreneur and how she is able to maintain a work/life balance. Here is what she had to say ...

My absolute favourite part about this job is creating something for people that they love and that makes them happy. I feel honoured when people choose me to create something that they will have in their homes or gift to loved ones, and I get so happy picturing it as something they display in their homes and that brings them joy.

I also really love the planting and gardening aspect and getting my hands dirty- it’s so therapeutic to work with and the plants and the dirt and have contact with nature. No matter how stressed I am, after making an arrangement I always feel better. Visiting the greenhouses for inspiration and to get supplies is also pretty sweet perk of the job.

Finally, love being able to be creative and the process of planning out the arrangements- which succulents will look best together and go in which planter.

It’s so fulfilling to see the final product after all the planning and hard work that goes into each one and people can know that every single piece is made with love.

Maintaining a work/life balance is definitely something I struggle with because I am a perfectionist and tend to feel like I have to be able to do absolutely everything all the time, and having your own business can be incredibly busy. Sometimes I have to force myself to take time away from work, to hang out with my husband and dogs, see my wonderful family and friends, work in my garden, or to just have time to myself, and have realized that I'm better and more productive if I do these things. It also might sound cliche but eating healthy and exercising (especially barre) make a huge difference. Whenever I leave barre I feel energized, more balanced and less stressed. I'm also trying to be more mindful and focus on the present and have recently started meditating which has been a game changer.

And finally, as always, we talked about community. How the YEG community influences her work, her business and her product and also, as an entrepreneur in Edmonton, how she works alongside other locally owned and operated businesses.

The Edmonton community has had a huge influence on what I do. I think our city is so special in that its residents really appreciate locally made goods are so supportive of local business. I feel so lucky every single day to live and work in YEG and be part of such an amazing group.

I've had nothing but positive feedback and support from other local business owners, makers and vendors that I've worked with or met at various shows and events. There is such an amazingly talented group of people who live here and work so hard at their crafts and rather than competing, it's like everyone wants each other to succeed.

The group who has had the biggest impact on me by far though are all the customers I've had the pleasure of meeting. I'm constantly blown away by how kind and supportive everyone is, and it makes me appreciate what I do so much and keeps me motivated to work harder and do better.



Email: fringeandflora@gmail.com

Instagram: @fringeandflora

Website: fringeandflora.com


Barre Beats: May


This plus 20 weather has got us cruising with the windows down. And what are we listening to? Well that can be found in this month's Barre Beats. Check the blog below to catch up on what jams we are loving this month! 

Bad Liar - Selena Gomez

Despacito (ft. Justin Bieber) - Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee 

High Without Your Love - Loote

No Promises (ft. Demi Lovato) - Cheat Codes

Rollin (ft. Future & Khalid) - Calvin Harris

Slow Hands - Niall Horan 

Malibu - Miley Cyrus

The Line - RAYE

Castle on the Hill (Seeb Remix) - Ed Sheeran 

OK (ft. James Blunt) - Robin Schultz

Young (ft. Andrew Jackson) [Sam Feldt Remix] - Frank Walker

Open Your Eyes - Sam Feldt & Hook N Sling

Rhurbarb - Oliver Nelson

What are you listening to? We want to know! Hit us up on Facebook (Barre Body Studio Edmonton) or Instagram (@barrebodyyeg)!


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton 


#WomanCrushWednesday - Instructor Spotlight: Carla


Why do you barre so hard?
It’s an alternative to the gym that’s structured but is varied enough that it never feels routine. It’s a full body workout that really targets and tones the smaller areas of your body you don’t usually exercise.

What keeps you inspired and motivated? 
The combination of energized instructors and clients, the bumpin’ music, and a supportive atmosphere/community that keeps you wanting more.

What other exercise do you love (in addition to barre) to keep your routine well rounded?
Running, river valley stairs, HIIT, spin, yoga, row; you can find me just about anywhere!

What advice do you have for your fellow barrestars?
Breathe through it and draw on the strength from those around you, oh and have fun!

What is your favorite post workout snack?
Always down for a smoothie loaded with lots of fruit and greens or dates with almond butter and coconut


Whats your favourite work out track right now?
Party Favor - Give It To Me Twice (feat. Sean Kingston and Rich The Kid)

What is your guilty pleasure/ pleasures?
Re-watching old teen TV shows the really kitschy ones like The Hills, Gossip Girl, The OC… so bad yet so good.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Peru and Bolivia, it’s been on my list forever.