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#GirlBoss - Danielle


Hey tribe, meet our newest #GirlBoss, Danielle! She is a registered massage therapist and a registered acupuncturist, with extensive knowledge in sports medicine acupuncture, cupping, TMJ specialization and joint taping. We LOVE what she does so we thought that we would get into things a little bit deeper with her and share with you. Check out what Danielle has to say about the interaction of western and Chinese medicine that influences her practice. 


I am an acupuncturist and registered Massage Therapist and I absolutely
LOVE my job! It all started in high school when I decided I wanted to be an
Acupuncturist. Coming from a small town in northern Alberta, with no
Acupuncturists, my mom quickly derailed that plan, thinking there was no way that
it could be a profitable career. So, I went to U of A with a new dream of being a
pharmacist. I absolutely hated it and after my first year I had returned on my path
to becoming an Acupuncturist! But now, I had the full support of my mom. During
my year at U of A, my mom started suffering from dreaded hot flashes and night
sweats and sought out treatment from an amazing Acupuncturist. I think it only took
a few sessions and my mom was cured of her symptoms and had a whole new
outlook on Acupuncture and it’s amazing effects!

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a modality within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In
simplest terms, your body has a network of pathways (meridians), coming from
different organs, which energy (Qi – pronounced CHI) flows through. The organs are
completely different from Western Medicine and provide different functions. For
example, your Liver in TCM regulates the smooth flow of Qi, emotions and Blood. SO
if someone has a diagnosis of Liver Qi Stagnation, they don’t literally have liver
cirrhosis or some other physical dysfunction. The would have symptoms such as
anger, irritability, anxiety, pain in their ribs and possibly a feeling of a lump in their

You may have seen an Acupuncturist who felt your pulse and took a look at
your tongue? The quality of the tongue and pulse are used to help build a diagnosis,
along with questions about the whole body’s functioning. It seems pretty personal
when someone is asking you about you stool regularity and quality or menses, and
super random if they ask if you have a feeling of heaviness in your legs, but all of
these things help us to determine the proper diagnosis and enables us to build a
holistic treatment plan for you. Once a diagnosis has been determined, a series of
Acupuncture Points will be administered to correct the body’s dysfunction. The
Acupuncturist may also use other modalities such as cupping, guasha,
electro-acupuncture and massage to solidify a treatment.
Another big question people ask is “what does Acupuncture help with?”. The
answer is EVERYTHING! The main thing I treat is muscle/joint pain, stiffness, tears
etc. but this is so minimal! Because of the holistic approach of Chinese Medicine,
Acupuncture can enhance all body systems.

The following are only a few examples of what Acupuncture can help with:
●Insomnia, sleep related conditions
●Stress & Anxiety
●Menopause Symptoms (ex. Hot flashes, nights sweats)
●PMS syptoms
●Fertility (Female & Male)
●Acne or other skin related conditions (psoriasis, eczema, etc.)
●Bowel issues (IBS, constipation, Chrons Disease)

You can check out
ed-acupuncture for a list of more things!

After I graduated from both the Acupuncture and Massage Therapy programs
I started working at BodyDevotion as a sub-contractor. This clinic has allowed me to
accomplish so much in such a short time, both personally and in my practice. I have
had the luxury of controlling my own schedule. This has allowed me to attend
seminars and courses on a regular basis, growing and developing my modalities,
techniques and practice. My goal for my practice is educating the public about the
benefits of Acupuncture and Massage Therapy and showing them how to integrate
these therapies into their lives.


The main way I ensure a proper work life balance is travelling. I love going on
trips, I mean who doesn’t? But I am so fortunate to have the luxury to see the world
with my fiancée and come home to a practice that I am so passionate about. I
eventually would like to combine work and travel, by developing new techniques or
treatment protocols and teaching seminars around the world.


To book an appointment you can message me on Instagram @DVCYR or
check out the website at www.bodydevotion.com.


Aaaand Release - The Benefits of Stretching After You Barre


Your body is shaking, your thighs are burning up and you hear your instructor say one more set … “three, two, one and release.” That one little word that seems to be a favourite among barrestars: release. We know that the first thing that you want to do after that fire barre series is take a quick break to reset but we are only half way there. As important as your barre series is, the stretch that follows is just as important. We encourage you to carry the same mental focus that you maintained throughout your barre work into the stretch series that follows. Today on the blog we are chatting about a few of the many benefits that come from a killer stretch after a killer series and then giving you a few tips to get into each stretch both deeper and safer.

So why do we stretch? There are a million reasons but we will start by breaking down the two most important:

1)  Stretching out your muscles after exertion reduces tension. This may not take away the next morning soreness and stiffness entirely, but it will certainly minimize it. Stretching will eliminate the lactic acid that your body has built up during that series of plies and pulses!  Also, if your muscles remain in a tense state after your workout, you are more prone to injuries including strains, pulls, rips and tears. Stretching will reduce your predisposition to injury.

 2) We get the question all the time – How do I increase my flexibility? One word baby: STRETCH! This follows from dissipating muscular tension after exertion, stretching allows muscles to return to their natural form rather than remaining in a constricted state. An increase in flexibility will promote a greater range of motion and will increase muscle coordination/control. These are both things that will take your workout to the next level.

 So now that we have been though the WHY, let’s hit up the HOW. Like we mentioned earlier, many people use the stretching segments of class as a mental and physical break – break that nasty habit! Staying mentally connected to every stretch that you do is the best way to get the most out of it. This means activating that mind-muscle connection and sending your breath into each muscle that you stretch. Here are a couple of pro tips to help you get the most depth out of a few of your favourite BBS stretches:

1) Barre Body Stretch – Make sure that your hips stay even and your back stays flat to get a good stretch into the hamstring/back of the thigh. Pull your chest towards the mirror and reach your belly button towards your knee. (Unless you are blessed with long hamstrings and a tall torso, this probably won’t actually happen, but it is still a good way to think about it.)

2) Barre Pigeon – Work on releasing tension through your hips so that you can lay your leg flat on the barre. (It’s okay if it doesn’t go completely flat … again, it’s just a good way to think about it.) A lot of people have a tendency to pull away from the barre in this stretch, but shining your chest forward, towards the mirror, will actually take it deeper.

3) Side Body Stretch – Energetically reach your fingertips towards the mirror, but slide that shoulder blade down your back simultaneously, do this all while twisting your heart up to the ceiling and you will feel not only a great stretch into your side body, but also your inner thighs and chest.  

If you want tips and tricks about any of the other stretches that we do in class, your #BarreBoss knows best. Hit her up with any questions about form, alignment or advice to take your stretch to the next level. Also, if you are feeling any trouble spots brought on by barre or another workout that you do, your barretenders are more than happy to recommend a few stretched to fix you right up!

If you have a major L.O.V.E for a good stretch sesh, check out our Barre + Stretch + Core class or our 75 minute Barre + Stretch class. Both can be found on our schedule, you can press this link to take you there!


Barre Body Studio – Edmonton


#WomanCrushWednesday: Jessica


Why do you barre so hard?

I love barre because it continues to challenge me! I love how each week I feel stronger and can barre harder than the last, but I also can always challenge myself to be stronger, hold longer, sink deeper. I love that it is a mental practice just as much as a physical workout. When I’m at barre I can’t worry about my day to day stresses, I can only focus on myself, in the moment. I find that very meditative. 

What keeps you inspired and motivated? 

The amazing barre stars and barre tenders at Barre Body Studio! I love seeing the focused faces in class, knowing that people are tapping into their potential and challenging themselves inspires me to work harder and be stronger. BBS also has the most supportive team of instructors! Everyone is always cheering you on, helping out, and supporting each other. I take that energy into my day to day and feel like it makes me a better person!

How has barre impacted you?

I broke my foot 3 years ago, as a dance teacher that is a pretty devastating injury and it takes a long time to fully recover. Since staring Barre I finally feel like I am correcting all the muscle imbalances my injury created. I believe balanced body is key to a balanced mind and spirit. Not only has barre helped me heal physically, it’s allowed me to feel more balanced in myself. That’s a very empowering thing!

What other exercise do you love (in addition to barre) to keep your routine well rounded?

I love dance fitness and yoga! Dance fitness is my favourite form of cardio because I never get bored and I love moving to music. I dance harder than I would ever run (if I’m running you should too, there is likely something very big and scary chasing me!) Yoga is my go to for flexibility, strength, and mental wellness. Barre is the perfect compliment, allowing me to do both these other fitness formats stronger and longer!

Tell us something that we don’t know about you!

I got married on a reality TV show called Exchanging Vows. A couple I didn’t know planned my whole wedding, and my hubby and I planned theirs! It was a great way to have a fabulous wedding with limited stress and allowed me to focus on what truly mattered about the day, marrying my soul mate. My hubby and I enjoy watching the show around our anniversary and laughing at ourselves. We’ve been married for 13 years this Fall. 

If you had to choose 3 words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Passionate, loyal, kind

What is your favourite quote?

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it about learning to dance in the rain!


Barre Beats: January

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Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran 

That's What I Like - Bruno Mars

You Don't Know Me - Jax Jones (ft. RAYE) 

Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

Move Your Body - Sia

Paris - The Chainsmokers

Don't Leave - Snakehips & MO

Finesse - Bruno Mars

Team - Krewella

I Would Like - Zara Larson 

True Love - Dirty Radio

Good Grief (Don Diablo Remix) - Bastille 

Issues - Julia Michaels

I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd (ft. Daft Punk)


New Year 30 in 45 Challenge


If you are reading this blog post, it is likely that you've made a commitment to yourself, to your health, to the wellness of your body and mind. This commitment looks different on each of us: to some it is a lifestyle of nourishing foods and intense workouts, to some it is the perfect balance of work and play, and to some it is that small decision to get out of bed a few minutes earlier to start your day off with a walk. Although this spectrum is incredibly diverse, just remember that wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be. Everybody has a different situation and for this reason, your personal picture of "health" is going to look so different than anyone else. That is exactly why we refer to it as "personal" - you did not make this commitment to compare yourself to the next person, nor did you make it to appease someone else. You made this commitment to yourself because you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be healthy and you are so deserving of your own self-love.

This is the motivation that we are carrying into our upcoming challenge - starting on January 15th we are heading into our next 30 in 45 day challenge. This challenge will offer each of you something entirely different depending where you are right now - for some it may be an opportunity to get you back on track, an offer to recommit to your goals and for some it may be the initial push into a year of health and wellness. Whatever your reason is, that is entirely up to you!

Let us tell you why we are such big supporters of a '30 classes in 45 days' type challenge and why we designed this to align with the values that we hold so strong at BBS:

- One: we are in the business of building a lifestyle. We want your fitness journey to compliment your life and this can only be achieved by creating a fitness plan that is sustainable. We are not into fads, trends or any other quick fix - it just isn't practical. By offering a 45 day challenge, this will give you ample time to build a habit that is sustainable, one that will stick with you far beyond the challenge itself.

- Two: your body needs a break! We don't push 45 classes in 45 days because a rest period is crucial to both your physical health and your mental health. We want you to treat off days as a rehabilitative phase for your body and that is why we promote 15 days of rest in your BBS challenges.

- Three: we do not ask you to track any type of progression during your 45 day challenge. Unlike many other fitness challenges, we do not do progress pictures, measurements or ask you to follow the number on the scale. If you choose to do these things on your own because it is motivating, great! If you would rather go without, also great! We think of fitness as far more than physical change and because of this, there is no way to truly track your progression during a challenge.

If you want to come along with us on this 45 day journey, you can sign up for free through your MindBody Connect account. Just click this link to take you there!


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


#SweatForSanta Winners

File 2016-11-17, 8 34 17 AM_copy

One Year of Unlimited Barre

Donated by Barre Body Studio – Edmonton
Facebook: Barre Body Studio Edmonton / Instagram: @barrebodyyeg
Winner: Meghan Dunn

Oilers Tickets with Club Access
Donated by Eckel Xtreme Truck Paint & Body Repair Ltd.
Winner: Breanne Lambert

60 Minute Acupuncture/Cupping/Massage Treatment
Donated by Danielle Cyr
Instagram: @dvcyr / Website: www.bodydevotion.com
Winner: Christina Asmussen

60 Minute Acupuncture/Cupping/Massage Treatment
Donated by Danielle Cyr
Instagram: @dvcyr / Website: www.bodydevotion.com
Winner: Caitlin Varrin

60 Minute Acupuncture Treatment
Donated by Charlene Markus
Website: www.bodydevotion.com
Winner: Nikki Plamondon

60 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment
Donated by Alex Gold
Website: www.bodydevotion.com
Winner: Jennifer Dallaire

3D Lashes with Beauty Products
Donated by Kayla Greencorn
Winner: Amanda Franko

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment
Donated by UrbanBody/CosMedics Spa
Website: cosmedics.ca
Winner: Tania MacDonald

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment
Donated by UrbanBody/CosMedics Spa
Website: cosmedics.ca
Winner: Jan Sawyer

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment
Donated by UrbanBody/CosMedics Spa
Website: cosmedics.ca
Winner: Natasha Mahe

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment
Donated by UrbanBody/CosMedics Spa
Website: cosmedics.ca
Winner: Lesa Fee

$100 Manulife Place Gift Card
Donated by Manulife Place
Website: manulifeplace.com
Winner: Gloria Leung

Clarifying Mist
Donated by Pura Botanicals
Website: purabotanicals.com / Instagram: @purabotanicals
Winner: Rebecca Thomas

Made Social Mini Craft Kit
Donated by Made Social Co
Instagram: @madesocialco / Website: www.madesocialco.com
Winner: Cathy Roskell

Donated by TrueLife Fitness Apparel
Instagram: @truelifefitnessapparel / Website: www.truelifefitnessapparel.com
Winner: Jessica Quaile

Handmade Design
Donated by Justine Ma
Instagram: @justinemadesign / Website: justinema.ca
Winner: Sarah Ainsley

Clothing, Merchandise and Swag
Donated by Lululemon YEG
Instagram: @lululemonYEG
Winner: Kylee Quinn May

1-Hour Makeup Appointment
Donated by LUX Beauty Boutique
Instagram: @luxbeautybtqyeg / Website: luxbeauty.com
Winner: Jessica Facette + guest

1-Hour Makeup Appointment
Donated by Lux Beauty Boutique
Instagram: @luxbeautybtqyeg / Website: luxbeauty.com
Winner: Veronica Casavant + guest

Jewelry Prize
Donated by Benefair
Instagram: @BENEFARE / Website: www.benefair.com
Winner: Shari McCreight

Also, remember that if you have reached 20 points (or more) Modern Gravity has donated a free flotation therapy session to YOU! If you haven't picked up yours yet, stop by the front desk and let us know! You can find them at their website (www.moderngravity.ca) or on Instagram (@moderngravity).