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Sleep Like a Champ


Okay so ... you love, you need, but you probably just don't get enough … sleep! The average adult requires 7-9 hours of sleep per day (HA, wouldn't that be nice) but they usually only actually get 5-7 hours. But want to know something that is going to blow your mind? You fitties actually require even more sleep than the average adult to promote rest and recovery from your rigorous daily workouts. To put it into perspective, a pro athlete requires 10-12 hours of sleep per day, that's double what the average adult actually gets!

At this point, you probably know the various benefits that come from getting a full night of sleep and you probably also have experience of the negative effects that come with pulling an all-nighter or sleep deprivation. So we are going to skip over the basic benefits and instead talk about what is actually going down during each sleep stage of a full cycle:

Stage 1 is a light sleep. It is that period that you are easy to wake and doesn't necessarily hold much value other than preface for the good stuff that is coming your way.

Stage 2 is the onset of sleep. This is the stage in which your muscles begin to relax, your internal temperature drops, and your heart rate & breathing rate slows down.

Stage 3 is your restorative sleep, this is where the magic happens!
Blood pressure decrease
Your circulatory system repairs and recovers
Blood flows to muscles increase
Growth hormones release and repair muscles, bones, and internal systems
Nervous system repairs and recovers
New memories and information is processed
Energy is restored

Stage 4 is REM sleep. This is where your heart rate picks back up, your brain is very active and you start to dream.

Need help falling asleep? Try controlling and slowing your breathing, scent your bedroom with lavender, or listen to calming/relaxing music right before you begin to doze off. 

As you can tell from the brief description of each stage, a full sleep cycle is absolutely crucial for maintaining good health. Aim for 8-10 hours to help your body recover, keep a fixed sleep schedule, maintain a restorative sleep environment and remember that quick naps throughout the day are always recommended!

Big thanks to Casper Mattress for sharing knowledge and giving us tips to sleep like a champ! Check out their mattress here



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Barre Beats: March


Hold on tight tribe because we are beginning our cruise into that summertime sunshine. With the official beginning of spring, March ensures us happier days ahead! With these happy days comes short shorts, tank tops and bikini weather, holla! But you know what that means? Its time to hustle for that muscle! Here is a list of our March barre beats to kick off your spring training. ;) We will meet you @ the barre.

Feel Good (ft Daya) - Gryffin & Illenium

Barcelona (WIMPLUST Remix) - Ed Sheeran 

False Alarm (Mohito Campfire Remix) - Matoma + Becky Hill 

Millionaire (ft. Nelly) [CASH CASH Remix] - Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animals 

Easy Go - Grandtheft & Delaney Jane

Let You Get Away (ft. Ashe) - Shaun Frank 

Chasing Colors (ft. Noah Cyrus) - Marshmello & Ookay

Rich Boy - Galantis 

Be Right There - Diplo & Sleepy Tom

Going Up (ft. DyCy) - Deorro

Symphony (ft. Zara Larsson) - Clean Bandit 

Swalla (ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign) - Jason Derulo 

Run Up (ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj) - Major Lazer

Solo Dance - Martin Jensen 

Everyday (ft. Future) - Adriana Grande 

Have some beats that you want to hear your barretenders drop during class? Tell us all about them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! 



Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


#WomanCrushWednesday: Instructor Spotlight - Jill


Describe the BBS Tribe?
Four words: The best thing ever! I love going into the studio and seeing both the clients and instructors because everyone is so welcoming and inspiring – seriously! Walking into the studio is like an instant good mood booster. I'll take a cup o' it all day, every day!  

What keeps you inspired and motivated in your own personal fitness?
Going through traumatic injuries made me extremely grateful for a body that is fully functioning. There are always days when I don't feel like working out, but I always reflect on the moments when I couldn't even walk and I would have loved to go for a run but couldn't. To keep me motivated I keep a goal of committing to at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and I always try to be grateful for those minutes of movement! 

How has barre impacted you? 
I was a competitive soccer player growing up and after tearing my ACL twice and suffering from a stress fracture in both my tibia and femur when I tore my knee I was told that I wasn't able to play soccer anymore. Long story short, I was looking for a workout that was low impact that would still give me that "athletes high" that I had when I played soccer. After trying a few workouts nothing seemed to stick and make me as happy as soccer did until my BFF introduced me to barre! That was almost two years ago and I have been hooked ever since. It helped me gain back the lean muscle in my legs and provided me with the confidence to realize that even though I may not be able to do the things I used to do (athletically) I'm thankful that Barre has kept me both physically and mentally healthy!

What is the best “side effect” you have noticed from barre?
My arms! They've gotten so lean and muscular! When given the chance I'm always flexing my biceps – especially to the guys that think they're strong than me ;) 

Where could we most likely find you after the barre? 
Either watching trashy reality TV with a glass of cheap champagne (or red wine) in my hand or hanging out with my husband and our sweet Maltese rescue dog, Baxter! In the summer I'm out at my cabin whenever I have a free weekend and during the winter I'm at the hockey rink cheering on the Oilers! 


What is your guilty pleasures? 
Miss Vickie's Sweet Chili and Sour Cream chips, Hawkins cheezies and Reese's peanut butter cups. In an ideal world I'd eat the chips for breakfast, cheezies for lunch and peanut butter cups for dinner. Somedays, it's an ideal world. 

Share one of your favourite mantras! 
Starve the ego, feed the soul.


Barre Favs: Gym Bag Essentials

BarreFavs - gym bag

If you're anything like us, your morning haul to the car is a workout in itself. Gym bag, purse, lunch, coffee, change of clothes, kids ... then we all take that moment of panic to think ... 'what am I missing?!' (hopefully its not the kids and it better not be the coffee.) This week we asked your barretenders what is the most important thing that they pack up for their day. Here are their gym bag/ purse essentials: 

"I always carry the Saje pocket pharmacy in my bag everywhere I go. It is the perfect thing to have on hands in case you get a random headache or stomach pain. It doesn’t take up much room but I use it all the time." - Kristin

"Well I pretty much carry my whole life in my gym bag but my must have is definitely men's deodorant. Works like a charm." -Charlotte

"Lip Balm!" - Erika

"I feel like this barre favs is directed right to me ... have you seen the ridiculous duffle bag that accompanies me literally EVERYWHERE I go. I will never leave my house without a pair of runners and a container of C4 because impromptu workouts are my life!" - Katarina  

"My other job is in health care, so hand sanitizer is with me everywhere I go!" - Jaime

"I always have dry shampoo and a book on me! Never know where you're going to be stranded and bored somewhere... or when you're going to neglect washing your hair for too many days in a row (wait, that's always)" - Emily

"There will ALWAYS be chapstick in my bag. I can't leave home without it. It's likely more essential to have than my phone." - Erin

"Other than barre socks? ???? Lately it's been my Apple Watch. I love that I can track my workouts and control my music all by a simple tap. The fact that it's sweat proof and I can wear it on my wrist makes it super convenient!" - Jessica

"Tea Tree Oil face wipes (I get mine from The Body Shop). I love these because they are antibacterial, great for a quick face/body wash after a sweaty barre session, and they keep my barre-bag smelling fresh!" - Kendra

"I always carry my agenda in my purse. I'm pen-and-paper old school like that." - Lindsey

What are your gym bag essentials? 


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


The Importance of Rest and Recovery


So when you’re up in the gym (k, or the barre) just working on your fitness, do you know what is actually happening? You are damaging your muscle fibers. We know what you’re thinking, sounds scary … but its not, it is good! When your muscle fibers are damaged, they recover. When they reconstruct, they actually grow back stronger and increase in size. So this means that you are actually making those gains during your periods of rest, not while you are actually working out. This concept especially applies to resistance training, which is exactly what we do at the barre!

Now here is the tricky part: just how much time should I allow my body to recover and rebuild after resistance training? Some experts recommend 24 hours, some recommend two days (we all know optimal soreness hits hard on day 2), and some research says a whole three days. With so many mixed messages, it is hard to give an exact amount of time required for proper restoration. However, there is one thing that we can tell you for sure: some amount of rest and recovery is required within your fitness routine to enhance muscle growth, prevent injury, avoid over training and promote overall health. The research all agrees that 15 minutes is not enough time to recover, 2 hours is not enough time to recover, even 12 hours is not enough time to recover. An extended period of time (24-72 hours) is required to properly restore your muscles after training them. With that said, the extended period of time will vary from person to person.  

So what does this mean for us @ BBS? It actually means that taking multiple classes in one day may not be the most efficient means of exercising. By damaging muscle fibers, not allowing a recovery period, then damaging them again, you are actually causing more harm than good. Our advice to you would be to go as hard as you can in class, push your limits, sink a little deeper, squeeze a little tighter, and then allow your body time after to recover and reset. Plus, we all know that if you’re planning on busting out a double barre sesh … you’re going to pace yourself throughout. It is far more effective to train properly for one hour than it is to cheat and hold back for two!

Now that we have determined that rest days are super important, we want to share with you a few of our favorite things to do on rest days to keep pushing towards fitness goals and promote overall wellness. First off, and probably the most important, STRETCH. Muscle restoration requires stretching! Take a few minutes at home, put on the latest episode of your favourite TV show, and get a good stretch session in to speed up the recovery process. Some other beneficial ways to speed up the recovery process includes foam-rolling, heating/cooling, and massage therapy. If you are a mover and shaker like us, an entire 48 hours without exercise just feels wrong. In this is the case, we really promote active rest days. Take part in light, low impact exercises that do not add any additional strain to the muscles that are currently undergoing recovery. Some ideas for active rest days include going for a light walk, swimming laps, yoga, or low-intensity cycling. In comparison to passive recovery (taking a complete break from exercising), active recovery actually helps prime the body’s metabolic pathways of recovery.


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton