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Baby Barre is Back!

zdHVACXFmiwD7lLdplzqWFKJ8PeXiHUF0zYf0tN5lY0Attention mamas! Grab that sweet baby and get to the barre - baby barre is back! This is the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your little one, while also fitting in some time for a pulse-pulse-plie sweat sesh.

These classes will be offered on Tuesday mornings starting next week,  October 20th and carrying through until December 15th at our Whitemud Crossing Location. We know that life is busy, so all classes will be on a drop in basis. No commitment, no problem! Much like your typical BBS classes, just reserve your spot online before the class (cancellation terms still apply) or if space is available walk ins are welcome!  You can purchase a 5 class pass specifically for Baby Barre for $80. This can be done by registering through your MindBody Connect account (go to online store, then select 'Barre Classes') or in studio.

Along with your baby, please bring a carrier and a blanket to class. Because Baby Barre classes are designed for babies not yet crawling, the barre portion of class will be done 4uw9c3-Ha0K8PVzQUoTLAIlhak3VLdroARO5jo7W3047bgO2tLVtgvvQ-10LfZ91M_bzRQynaglEo802qOk9Msr_3pbSy9x4WmkmJTYOKajRZLXTwKSifcDNKdE-0C99Iwith babies strapped into carriers. Once we hit the mats, babies will be incorporated into the floor section.

Baby barre is the perfect way to connect with new mamas while also moving and shaping those bodies! For more information, feel free to email us at edmonton@barrebodystudio.com.