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Barre Favs: What We're Reading!


Are you almost finished your summer reading list and not sure which book to pick up next?  Don't worry. Today our barre instructors are giving you lots of recommendations that will satisfy every type of bookworm!

Hunger by Roxanne Gay -  Charlotte, Claire and Emily

Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl - Charlotte and Michelle

Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman - Lindsey

The Boston Girl: A Novel by Anita Diamant - Christy

Hidden by S.A. Watt - Christy

Girl, Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis - Claire

Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems (trilogy) by Kevin Kwan - Kendra

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain - Hannah

Goodnight From London by Jennifer Robson - Kirsten

Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling - Hannah and Kirsten

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson - Jill

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero - Marie

This Is Me by Chrissy Metz - Marie

Hey Ladies! The Story of  8 Best Friends, 1 Year and Way, Way Too Many Emails By Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll - Tess

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica - Tess



Barre Favs: Summer Fitness

BarreFavs - Summer Fitness

With the warm weather and the extended YEG sunshine, the fitness opportunities are endless during the summer months! We turned to your barretenders this week to ask how their fitness game changes during the summer. While you can always catch them at the barre, they have some really good ideas on how to compliment your barre workouts with some sun and fresh air. Read all about it below!

"In the summer I look forward to more activities that get the body moving and the heart pumping outside! I really like to head over to the Grandview stairs when I have a free night and we love taking Bax out for more walks because the weather is so much nicer. Also, does running to catch up with the ice cream truck count as cardio? Asking for a friend…" - Jill

"For some reason I'm open to doing and trying more things in the summer. Last summer I ran stairs for the first time which was killer! Not sure what I might try this year!" - Lauren

"Not really, I'd love to say I get out and go running in the valley or do stairs outdoors at Glenora, but I am a terrible runner. I go for more walks outdoors and enjoy the trails. This year, I might end up utilizing my back yard though! --- Benefits of living on a golf course ;-)" - Kirsten

"I usually increase my bicep workouts. It takes a lot of effort to bring the icy cold margarita to my lips while sitting on the patio!" - Elissa

"Once summer hits I resume all outdoor activities! Tennis, golfing, river valley walks (I might even take up running this summer - probably not, but maybe!), biking, Frisbee, the list goes on. You will still catch me at the Barre probably as much as I am now - but any time spent during the colder months going to other studios or checking out new fitness gigs in Edmonton is now transferred to outdoor activities!" - Michelle

"How does your fitness game change once summer hits? To be honest, my fitness game slows down a little during summer. Although I play rec league slo-pitch, I spend more time hanging out with friends (usually on a patio) than I do taking my usual barre, spin, and yoga classes. Whoops!" - Lindsey

"More time spent doing outside activities; walking/running in the river valley, biking, hiking, outdoor yoga, stairs, whatever I can do to get outside and enjoy the sun." - Carla

"I don't do much differently in the summer in terms of my workouts, but generally I am more active, walking more, playing outside with my girls, swimming, hiking, etc. I LOVE summer!" - Jessica

"Mine pretty much stays the same! I love to switch it up with outdoor activities since it is after all nice out :)" - Hannah

"Once the snow is off the ground I tend to run outside quite a bit more. It's a great way to get exercise in while still enjoying the beautiful weather." - Jaime

"When summer comes, my fitness game gets weaker because I'm sitting on the patio. Just kidding it really doesn't change much but I try to go outside more often." - Emily

"With the extra daylight, and warmer temperatures, I start running outside again in the mornings! I love being outside, and its the perfect way to start my day." - Christy

"When summer hits I often try to do more outside fitness activities to take advantage of the sun and heat! Anything from a walk to biking or playing in the yard with my nieces, all a great way to change up the routine!" - Erika

"My fitness game kicks into high gear when the summer comes! There is something about sunny mornings that energize me to get a workout in first thing. Also, I am stoked that hiking season is back!" - Katarina

"It's summer and we might as well enjoy the nice weather while it lasts so there will be a lot more hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. Pretty much anything that I can do outside that's active." - Erin
Now get out and enjoy the sunshine barrestars.


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


Barre Favs: Summer Activity in YEG

BarreFavs - Summer Activity 2017

There is no better time to be an Edmontonian than summer! The electric energy and fun atmosphere are just a few perks that come along with being known as Festival City. We are buzzing with excitement and big plans for the coming months. Read below to see where you may find your instructors on a warm day, when they are not tending the barre.

"My favourite summer activity is going for strolls around the city with my pooch, Marvin. We spend a lot of time at the off leash playing in the river!" - Elissa

"During the summer I love to go standup paddle boarding at Lake Summerside." - Megan

"Does sitting on a patio drinking chilled white wine, laughing loudly and catching some rays with my girls count? If not, then I'd say anything in the water, time on the lake, swimming, paddling, boating. I love the water, and if I could, I'd be in the ocean." - Kirsten

"Anything and everything with food: heritage days, taste of Edmonton, or just hitting up a patio in general!" - Lauren

" I have a family cabin out by Red Deer so on the weekends my family and I like to head out of the city to enjoy some time spent outdoors. We love to waterski and wakeboard and always enjoy the much needed family time at the beach during the day and by the fire at night. If we're in the city, my husband and I love to walk down 124th street with our pup, Bax and grab dinner at one of YEG's many food trucks! " - Jill

"Day trips to the mountains! Alberta is such a beautiful place and summer is the perfect time to go adventuring!" - Katarina

"Enjoy all the activities that YEG has to offer! All the festivals and street events. " - Hannah

"Definitely backyard fire pits!" - Jaime

"My favorite summer activity to do in and around the city is to go to the old strathcona farmers market and then have dessert somewhere after." - Emily

"My favourite summer activity would be to hop on my bike and go exploring my city. Some great tunes, the sunshine and a bit of a sweat is what I look forward to when the summer (finally!) arrives." - Erika

"I love going to check out different festivals and farmers markets in the city - there are actually so many!" - Michelle

"Being a mom of three kids, we hit up as many different playgrounds with spray parks, and outdoor pools around the city all summer! Perfect way to stay cool and have fun!" - Christy

"Floating down the Pembina River. Fun fact: the large s'well fits a whole bottle of wine!" - Lindsey

" Walking to the downtown farmers market, grabbing a coffee and walking around browsing the desserts, summer fruits and vegetables. Perfect morning!" - Carla

"It's a tie between checking out all the amazing festivals Edmonton has to offer and hanging out at all our beautiful parks with my girls. Summer is my favorite time to be an Edmontonian!" - Jessica

"Taking my commuter bike to get around the city opposed to driving. Being close to downtown I might head to the downtown farmer's market or to North 53 for the best cocktails our city has to offer." - Erin


Have more ideas for us? Hidden treasures in our city that you'd like to share? Hit us up on any of our social media platforms!

Instagram - @barrebodyyeg
Twitter - @barrebodyyeg
Facebook - Barre Body Studio Edmonton

Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


Barre Favs: Props

BarreFavs - props

Bands, balls, weights - oh my! Your barretenders are always keeping things fresh by changing up not only the music and movements but also the props! Props bring diversity to each barre class - you never know what you are going to get. If you couldn't already guess your instructors favourite props ... here they are!

"Green band for arms!" - Erika

"Definitely the blue band, it can take any exercise from 10 to 10 000 in a second. Never fails to deliver the best burn." - Charlotte

"I love the blue band. The extra resistance it adds to even the most simple series always gets everyone sweaty and working hard! Bring on the shakes!" - Kristin 

"Weights are by far my favourite prop. Mostly because I just love the arm series, but they can add resistance to just about any exercise. (And who REALLY likes bands anyway)" - Lindsey

"I love the blue band! It's so versatile and allows you to take so many basic barre moves (plies, butterfly, clam shells, chair, etc.) and adds that extra challenge and way more burn. Plus it's light weight or portable so it's easy to take on vacation!"

"The ball! Mostly for the wide versatility it offers in class and how it transitions from the barre to the floor work seamlessly." - Erin

"My favorite prop is the blue band! I love it because it can be used in so many different exercises and makes for an effective and quick burn." - Emily

"I like to incorporate lots of different props into my series' because you can take the same series and add a different emphasis to the movements. If I had to choose a favorite it would probably be the ball, especially for inner thigh work. The ball allows you to choose how much resistance you want to apply, meaning you can work intensely or ease off a bit to get a little break if you need it." - Jaime

"I like the new air cushions because " - Elissa

"My favourite it the red band because it really gets those hamstrings!" - Megan

"I think the best prop to challenge any barre move is your own mental resistance. You get out what you put in, so in my opinion, you are your very best prop! ;)" - Michelle

"Hands down the mat - who doesn't love mat work? But for real, the possibilities for floor work are endless, I'm a big fan!" - Katarina

What are your favourite props in a barre class? Let us know through any of our social media handles. You can find us on facebook @ Barre Body Studio Edmonton and twitter/instagram @ barrebodyyeg.


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


Barre Favs: Gym Bag Essentials

BarreFavs - gym bag

If you're anything like us, your morning haul to the car is a workout in itself. Gym bag, purse, lunch, coffee, change of clothes, kids ... then we all take that moment of panic to think ... 'what am I missing?!' (hopefully its not the kids and it better not be the coffee.) This week we asked your barretenders what is the most important thing that they pack up for their day. Here are their gym bag/ purse essentials: 

"I always carry the Saje pocket pharmacy in my bag everywhere I go. It is the perfect thing to have on hands in case you get a random headache or stomach pain. It doesn’t take up much room but I use it all the time." - Kristin

"Well I pretty much carry my whole life in my gym bag but my must have is definitely men's deodorant. Works like a charm." -Charlotte

"Lip Balm!" - Erika

"I feel like this barre favs is directed right to me ... have you seen the ridiculous duffle bag that accompanies me literally EVERYWHERE I go. I will never leave my house without a pair of runners and a container of C4 because impromptu workouts are my life!" - Katarina  

"My other job is in health care, so hand sanitizer is with me everywhere I go!" - Jaime

"I always have dry shampoo and a book on me! Never know where you're going to be stranded and bored somewhere... or when you're going to neglect washing your hair for too many days in a row (wait, that's always)" - Emily

"There will ALWAYS be chapstick in my bag. I can't leave home without it. It's likely more essential to have than my phone." - Erin

"Other than barre socks? ???? Lately it's been my Apple Watch. I love that I can track my workouts and control my music all by a simple tap. The fact that it's sweat proof and I can wear it on my wrist makes it super convenient!" - Jessica

"Tea Tree Oil face wipes (I get mine from The Body Shop). I love these because they are antibacterial, great for a quick face/body wash after a sweaty barre session, and they keep my barre-bag smelling fresh!" - Kendra

"I always carry my agenda in my purse. I'm pen-and-paper old school like that." - Lindsey

What are your gym bag essentials? 


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


Barre Favs: Words of Encouragement

BarreFavs - Encouragement

The finish line is near, you see it, keep pushing forward. They 45th day of our current BBS challenge is in sight and this means that you challengers are almost there! Are you finding it hard to stay motivated? We all have those days and we know how frustrating this can be! But take a moment to breathe, remember how far you have come and keep up the good work! Your instructors have put together a few works to help you keep on right through to the end! Check it out: 

"Winners never quit and quitters never win!" (Erika)

"“If your dreams do not scare you they aren't big enough”
― Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Kristin)

"I'm not a quote person, but one of my old coaches used to always say "practice makes progress". To always be progressing makes more sense - when we are perfect there would be nothing left to strive for" (Lindsey)

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And if you don’t got it? Flaunt it. ‘Cause what are we even doing here if we’re not flaunting it?” - Mindy Kaling, Why Not Me? (Kendra)

"Here's to the strong women! May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them!" (Jessica)

"Exercise everyday and die healthier." (Emily)

"Toss your hair in a bun, drink some coffee, put on some gangsta rap, and handle it!" (Jaime)

"Just be kind and brave. That's all you ever need to be." (Jill)

"Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do." (Katarina)


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


Barre Favs: New Years Resolution

BarreFavs - New Years

As we say goodbye to 2016 and the New Year rolls in, many of us begin to think of new resolutions, intentions and goals to achieve in 2017. Think about the best version of yourself, mastermind a plan to get there and then … rock it out. Maybe your goal is to work on your fitness, drink more water or perhaps lift that seat just a little bit (butt buster, anyone?). If your goals include a happier, healthier version of yourself, then you know that the barre is a great place to start. If you're still seeking out a resolution or intention to set for 2017, we have turned to your barretenders for a little inspiration. Take a look at what we are going to conquer in the New Year!

"I'm not really into making a resolution but every year in January both my husband and I make a yearly "bucket list" and we write down 12 things that we want to do or accomplish in the year! This year I have things like, learn to make macarons, take a photography course, learn how to knit (anyone want to teach me?!), try at least five of Edmonton's top 10 restaurants, travel to Ireland and other fun and exciting things!" - Jill

"To spend more time outdoors! I don’t get enough time doing things outside during the year, we have such a beautiful river valley and landscape and I want to take more advantage of what our beautiful landscapes has to offer." - Hannah 

"In 2017 I will hit the 1000lb club! HA just kidding ... but I do really want to stay committed to my fitness and continue to grow stronger and stronger!" - Katarina  

"My New Years resolution is to find a bit of time each day to be present with myself, find stillness, and just breath. Even if it is just for 5 minutes." - Jessica 

"Considering I have thus far accomplished 1of the 3 goals of last years resolution (awfully poor show on my part) I am going to carry forward a couple... learning how to stop in a pair of skates has thus far been non-existent and disastrous. However I will persevere and keep trying! I also think being more in the moment, keeping up with the spontaneity of this year and last minute trips around the world has done wonders for me, so I'll definitely have to make that a goal for next year, and maybe include sharing these experiences with a special someone. ;-)" - Kirsten 

"To get 8 hours sleep every night." - Mary Jo

"One of my resolutions for 2017 is to sleep more. I have never really enjoyed sleeping or taking naps (I am aware that a lot of people think I am bonkers because of it!), and have always subscribed to Arnold's idea of "sleeping faster"! However, knowing the multiple health benefits associated with a good night's sleep have me putting 'sleep more, not just faster' on my resolution list! (...but let's be real...I'm not talking 8 hours a night - I'm just talking more than I currently sleep. Baby steps.)" - Michelle

"I don’t typically make New Years Resolutions but if I had to make one it would be to continue to take time each week for me and not to over schedule myself!!" - Erika

"To cut back my coffee/red bull/caffeine intake in 2017!" - Sarah 

"My New Years resolution is to meal prep more!! School gets so busy and wears me down fast if I'm not properly fueled. So my goal is to make time for prep time!" - Lauren 

"My new years resolution is to get more sleep and drink less coffee! Actually just get more sleep. Scratch the coffee part." - Emily

"I've never had a new years resolution - I'm constantly setting goals and achieving them as I go. However, the big one for 2017 is renovating our basement." - Lindsey

"This new year I plan to make more of an effort to plan ahead with snacks! I am always packing my son a lunch or snack, but I forget about myself and that is when my poor choices happen. Making sure I have fruits or veggies with me at all times will keep me from getting hungry." - Kristin 

"In 2017, I want to be the best version of myself!" - Katharine

What resolutions have you set for yourself in 2017? Let the tribe know through any of our social media handles, you will find us on facebook at Barre Body Studio Edmonton or instagram/twitter at @barrebodyyeg. Ready to crush this new year? We know you are! 


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


Barre Favs: Holiday Tradition

BarreFavs - Holiday Tradition

There is officially less than ONE WEEK until Christmas! You are probably busy as ever with social events, gift shopping/wrapping, and party hosting but don't let the hustle and bustle of the holiday season distract you from the joy of your favourite Christmas tradition. This week, your BBS barretenders are sharing their favourite holiday traditions with you. Check it out!

"My favorite Christmas Tradition is getting together with family Christmas Eve! Going to a church service then heading to someone's house all decked out in Christmas decorations, eating food, doing a Chinese gift exchange and laughing so hard it hurts!" - Michelle

"My favourite Christmas tradition is Boxing day! Our family spends the whole day in PJs, eating left overs and treats, watching movies, playing games and with new toys, and just enjoying time together. It can be such a busy season, we like to balance that with some family relaxation." - Jessica 

"Favourite Christmas tradition? Well, there are so many things to choose from. In my family, on Christmas morning we have champagne and orange juice and this delicious breakie treat my mum makes for us, not to mention enjoying all of this together as a family and lounging around in our PJs for most of, if not all of the day! <3 <3" - Kirsten 

"Make shortbread, drink eggnog chai, and watch the notebook." - Mary Jo

"My favourite Christmas tradition is making cookies and baking with my girlfriends that is my kick off to the holidays - wine, comfy clothes, sweets and chinese food to top it off is how it goes down each year!" - Erika 

"The best part is when the board/card games come out... and so do the drinks!" - Sarah 

"We aren’t really a family of traditions, but I do love making the trip to my grandma’s farm where there is lots of homemade sweets, mulled wine, and family time!" - Emily

"I especially miss my family back in New Brunswick over the holidays, so my favourite Christmas tradition is a good old kitchen party with tons of food, moose milk, and my huge, crazy family! Next year, "I'll be Home With Bells On"!" - Lindsey

"Each year my family goes on the ETS lights tour. Edmonton Transit has buses that tour the city so you can see all the Christmas lights, staying warm and not worrying about having to watch where you drive. They know all the good spots to go and it is a great way to get in the holiday spirit." - Kristin 

"Although it's a new-ish tradition, over the last six years my husband and I have gotten together with a group of people from his work on Christmas Eve and we eat and drink and always share hilarious stories - it's so fun to catch up with everyone and their kids! My mom also always gives us new pyjamas on Christmas Eve and we ALWAYS watch Home Alone during brunch on Christmas Day!" - Jill

"Baking cookies! I love baking Christmas goodies and of course eating them even more!" - Hannah 

"Every Christmas Eve my husband and I exchange one gift: a new pair of pajamas to wear Christmas morning." - Megan 

"My favourite holiday tradition is the Christmas movies. I am really not the biggest fan of Christmas music or anything like that (hello, grinch!) but the movies get me excited every year. As soon as December 1st hit, we got right to it! I like smiling, smiling is my favourite." - Katarina 

Do you have a favourite Christmas moment? Share them with us through our social media - you can find us on Facebook at Barre Body Studio Edmonton and Instagram/Twitter at @barrebodyyeg. 


Barre Body Studio Edmonton


Barre Favs: Summer to Winter Fitness Routine

BarreFavs - Summer to Winter

Baby, it's cold outside! Although we are always keeping things HOT @ the barre, the same can't be said for every aspect of our health/fitness routine. We are storing away the short shorts and retiring your favorite pair of runners and trading them in for mitts, toques and scarfs. This week, we asked your barretenders how their own personal health and fitness routines transform from season to season. Here is how you will catch them keeping warm this winter:

"I’m staying motivated this winter by keeping my muscles warm before and after practice. It makes the commute more bearable, and once I get to the studio my body still feels motivated and ready to get right into the workout. I’m MEGA layering, using things like: vests over sweaters, heavier jackets, sweatpants over leggings, and/or leg warmers and socks—and even once I’m in studio, still wearing a sweater or just my vest so that my core stays warm and ready to go!" - Kendra

"I am a huge fun of all things summer fitness and equally loathe the snow/cold. So while I spent every minute I can outside during the summer, you won't catch me outside very often in the winter. My workouts shift over to inside activities during the winter: barre, rebounding, spin and weight training. Although there is less variation in my wintertime fitness, my gym workouts always last much longer just to avoid going back outside into the cold." - Katarina  

"I definitely try and stick to my goal of doing at least 30 minutes of activity a day. Whether that be taking a walk outside with my dog or meeting up with one of my girlfriends for a killer barre class, I always remember that my body (and mind) is going to feel SO much better after my workout." - Jill

"I don’t find mine changes much at all. I workout daily because it makes me feel good both physically and mentally. I actually might work out a bit more in the Winter as I need the mental boost more over the dreary Winter months. But I will admit to also indulging more food and drink wise over the Winter, because my Winter wardrobe is more “cozy”… aka covered up ;)" - Jessica

"I think we just need to adapt and accept that the seasons will change. We know we live in a place that gets cold at the same time every year so why not embrace each season and try to make the most of it. Just because it is getting colder, doesn't mean we have to hibernate. It means we get out our sweaters, slap on a toque and go skating." - Erin

"In autumn, my fitness routine shifts more indoors as I am able to attend more barre classes, and in winter it shifts back outdoors because I absolutely love winter activities! I've always been an active & adventurous person, so surrounding myself with people who share the same interests helps to keep me motivated. I also wear a Fitbit that helps to keep me accountable to reaching my weekly exercise goal." - Lindsey

"My fitness routine definitely shifts to all indoor activities for the winter months (unless making snow angels count as fitness!?) - the time I spend outside in the summer is replaced with checking out different fitness studios in the city, aaand just like last winter I am sure I'll be spending even more time at BBS! When winter hits, my motivation shifts from short shorts to Starbucks (those drinks aren't easy on the calories), knowing how much delicious food I will be eating over the holidays & staying healthy in general (the more diligent I am with my fitness routine, the less I catch those nasty winter colds!)." - Michelle

"As the weather gets colder I find I run a lot less than I do in the warmer months. In order to make up for this I try and go barre a lot more! I also have fun winter sports like snowboarding and cross country skiing to look forward to. It can definitely be hard to stay motivated, especially since it is so dark all the time, but I know that if I go to class the endorphin release and positive energy from the other barre stars will help cure any "winter blues" so it's worth the effort!" - Jaime

"I find scheduling the time for exercise in each day the way to stay motivated as the weather turns cool as well as using the buddy system to keep me accountable and less likely to cancel or not do a workout that day." - Erika

"My personal fitness routine doesn't really change from summer to winter - I try and balance barre with cardio such as running and spin classes (and have recently tried a SOAR class - which was a lot of fun). I just find I have to stay more motivated when the weather gets cooler! I try to keep to my goals by pre-booking classes and booking classes with friends to stay motivated!" - Sarah

"I definitely try to spend as much time outside as I can summer or winter, I love all seasons so my shift mostly goes from running stairs or playing tennis outside to snowshoeing or cross country skiing when the snow hits. I try to stay motivated and hitting my daily activity goals by registering for group fitness classes. I know I can't skip out when that no show or cancellation fee is involved and there is a room full of other people ready to sweat along side me." - Charlotte 

"As the days get shorter, I am typically am more motivated to work out into the evening. You don’t have to worry about missing out on the warm weather and hours of sunshine, so you might as well be at barre, or get your cardio blast at Soar. Plus the workouts help beat the winter blues." - Kristin 

"I find myself substituting outdoor activities (like running, hiking) for more indoor activities (like spin) as the weather gets colder. Through the winter I find it really important to have a balance of more outwardly exerting activities with more introspective ones (yoga). It may not be short short season, but feeling great in skinny jeans and a cozy sweater is just as important!" - Kyra


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


#BarreFavs - All Around the World

BarreFavs - Around the world

As much as we love our city (and we are NOT complaining about this beautiful weather, you've done good YEG), who isn't in need of a vaykay? Your barretenders certainly are! This week we asked them if they were to escape anywhere in the world for a week, where would they jet off to? Take a read where you might find them on their next adventure! 


"If I could be anywhere in the world I would be travelling the UK in the 90's with the Spice Girls. #PumpkinSpice." - Katharine

"I'd be a groupie following Katharine on tour. Just kidding ... If I could be anywhere at this very moment, I'd be eating tacos and climbing mountains and visiting family/friends in Arizona. I've been missing my second home a lot recently!" - Katarina

"Hawaii or Mexico- just give me the beach! I’m off to Bali in February so I’m excited to get my beach fix as I explore new destinations!" - Jessica

"I would love to be in Australia visiting one of my favourite people. To be someplace warm and being around friends sounds like a pretty convincing reason to hop of a plane in the middle of winter." - Erin

"I've been traveling so much for work these last few years that all I want to be is home for a little while. But a trip to Maui wouldn't hurt!" - Lindsey

"I would be in California, surfing! Well... learning to surf!" - Michelle 

"I would love to be in the Philippines or Brazil. I have never been to either and they are on my list for upcoming travels! Not to mention they are likely a fair bit warmer than Edmonton right now." - Jaime

"If I could be anywhere in the world right now it would be on a beach with a great book, cool beverage and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore." - Erika 

"If I could be anywhere right now - it would be any where warm, with a beach! Like Hawaii!" - Sarah

"Oh my goodness this is my favourite question, if I could be anywhere in the world right now I would definitely pick Tanzania, the Serengeti is next on my to do list. But I also wouldn't turn down a week in North Shore, Oahu." - Charlotte

"Anywhere warm and sunny, so I am going to say Hawaii! Driving up the coastline, eating pineapple and spotting turtles surfing on the waves is my idea of a perfect winter." - Kristin

"Definitely somewhere sunny and warm! I've never been to South America and since the southern hemisphere is heading into their summer months right now, I could be easily convinced to make a trip down there. Alternatively, my parents are heading to Spain (without me)... That would be ok too!" - Kyra

"I would at a night market somewhere Asia eating all of the food!" - Julia

"Anywhere where I could be living 24 hours a day with my bathing suit on, hair up in a bun and barefoot. But if I had to choose I'd have to say Australia! We have friends that live there and all their "snaps" of surfing and patio parties are making me jealous! I also tried surfing on our honeymoon in Hawaii so I wouldn’t mind trying to surf the Gold Coast right about meow ; )" - Jill 


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton