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A New Year


Happy New Year everyone! It’s time for fresh starts and endless possibilities. Do you set New Year’s resolutions? Since more than half of all “resolutions” fail, we here at BBS like to call them goals instead. And even though we're 4 days into 2018, it’s not too late to set some! But how do we go about actually achieving our goals? Here are 3 quick tips:

1. Be specific. “I will attend barre class more often.” This is too vague. How many classes would you like to go to a week? Two? Three? Four? For how long? For the next month? Or for the next year? Get clear and concrete.

2. Write it down. On a piece of paper, list all that you want to achieve this year and keep that piece of paper or a sticky note somewhere you can see it every day: On your bathroom mirror, on your fridge, beside your nightstand. This is a good way to remind you of what you want to accomplish and will help keep you on track. Plus, putting pen to paper makes it official!

3. Tell your family and friends about your goal(s). They can hold you accountable for the change(s) you want to make, whether it be exercising more, drinking more water or simply going to bed earlier. They can support you on your journey!

To learn more about goal-setting and to find out about our Hustle Over Hype Challenge, click here.

We chatted with our staff and students at BBS to see what they’d like to achieve in 2018 and here’s what they said:

“This year I want to stop worrying about what I can’t control.” – Erika, Instructor

“I’m going to start painting again!” – Amanda, Barrestar

“In 2018 I am going to say “no” more. And drink less coffee.” – Anu, Front Desk

“I want to recommit to regular barre classes for sure – I try to do at least 3 a week to keep my core strong as that helps so much with my lower back issues! I’m also going to try to get to bed before midnight. As my kids get older I stay up later and later to catch up on stuff around the house.” – Susan, Barrestar

“I vow to stop using less paper cups.” – Emily, Instructor

“I have so many things I want to do:  I want to get to work by 8 a.m., take a knitting course, volunteer at a dog rescue shelter, run another half marathon, buy a house, swear less….” – Jill, Instructor

 “This year I plan on going to Seattle at Spring Break and having a seafood bread bowl!” – Laurie, Barrestar

"One of my goals is to spend less time on social media."- Marie, Instructor

“I want to worry less and I want to have a kinder inner dialogue.” – Lauren, Barrestar

“My goal is to make peace with the side line series in barre class.” – Claire, Instructor and soon-to-be lover of all side line series.

What do YOU want to achieve in 2018? Leave a comment in the comment section below!




Hustle over Hype

Hustle over Hype Challenge (1)_copy

At this time of the year, our newsfeeds are constantly filled with words of wisdom, goal setting advice, and inspirational quotes such as “new year, new you”. The way we see things though is that you are still you – working hard at your goals, no matter what the date on the calendar says. Instead of reinventing yourself and the wheel to accomplish your dreams, we are calling you to use this time of the year to reevaluate how you’re going to choose to get there.


Goal setting can be a very powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. It is a tangible form to see for yourself what you’re hoping to accomplish. It can hold you accountable by having your goals in words – a written contract is far more binding than a verbal one. Pursuing goals allows us to feel those good vibes more often.  It has been reported that goal pursuit increases our happiness levels and life satisfaction – aka our subjective well-being (SWB). This continual pursuit of happiness is what can lead to self-motivated behaviour, allowing us to stay on track in accomplishing our goals.  On the other side of that, if we are constantly procrastinating on starting to work towards our goals, our SWB goes down. This will bring less of the good vibes into our lives, creating less motivation to actually start on those goals. That being said, goal completion and dream attainment does not come easy. There will be setbacks, and there will be delays. But in constant pursuit there will be gains, accomplishments, and achievements. Another word we have for constant pursuit is hustle. Hard work pays off, and it does not come easy. Hustle takes discipline, self-awareness, control, and good habits. So the question still remains, how do we get started on working towards our goals?


Here at Barre Body Studio we want to help. We have created a challenge to help you get started in the pursuit of your dreams: "Hustle over Hype".

For this challenge, you will sign up at your home studio and write your name on the challenge board. Next to your name, you will write a goal down – one you hope to achieve or hope to create habits towards completing by the end of the challenge. Writing down your goals and posting them publically holds you more accountable to pursing them, opens up conversation with others to help you achieve them, and makes them more of a reality. By writing down your goals, it turns your dreams into plans. The tasks of this challenge can continue on for you past the end of this challenge, January 31. Setting a completion time for when you hope to have your goals achieved by or at least habits formed towards completing your goal will set you up further for success. For this challenge, we will have no physical prizes (the hype). Your reward comes from your hustle – your hard work towards attainment of your goals and the good vibes you feel from goal progression. The hustle is more important than the hype.


So let’s get started! Here are some tips to keep in mind when thinking of a goal that works best for your dreams:

- Break down the big tasks – set small manageable goals that add up to the end result.

- Take the time to understand the motivation for wanting to achieve your goal and build your goals based on your motivation.

- Create a vision for yourself in the future and then work backwards to the present to set your goals to keep them on track for your end result.

- Your tasks/goals need to be meaningful to you in order for you to gain positive benefits from them. Really think about what it is you truly want, not what others expect from you and go from there. In other words, your goals need to be intrinsically interesting to you, and you only.

- Set a realistic timeline for your goals – having a certain end date to your goals will push and motivate you to take action without making them unachievable.

- Lastly, make sure they’re true to you, not what is culturally relevant!


Some goal examples we have for you are:

-       Complete 18 classes in the 24 days of the challenge

-       Pre-book all of your January classes with no cancellations

-       Work your way through each class to increase your weights for arm series

-       Try new class types or new instructors

-       Drink 3L of water each day

-       Eat more fruits and vegetables each meal

-       Take steps to get a good night’s sleep each night

-       Take action to help meet new friends


So what are you waiting for? Let’s get 2018 started with your best foot forward!




Barre Body Studio - Edmonton




Check out these articles and worksheets for more information on goal setting and dream achievement!

Girl Boss: https://www.girlboss.com/girlboss/2017/12/12/goal-setting-methods

Lululemon Goal worksheets: http://info.lululemon.com/content/dam/lululemon/features/holiday/2015/VG_worksheet_2015.pdf



New Year 30 in 45 Challenge


If you are reading this blog post, it is likely that you've made a commitment to yourself, to your health, to the wellness of your body and mind. This commitment looks different on each of us: to some it is a lifestyle of nourishing foods and intense workouts, to some it is the perfect balance of work and play, and to some it is that small decision to get out of bed a few minutes earlier to start your day off with a walk. Although this spectrum is incredibly diverse, just remember that wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be. Everybody has a different situation and for this reason, your personal picture of "health" is going to look so different than anyone else. That is exactly why we refer to it as "personal" - you did not make this commitment to compare yourself to the next person, nor did you make it to appease someone else. You made this commitment to yourself because you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be healthy and you are so deserving of your own self-love.

This is the motivation that we are carrying into our upcoming challenge - starting on January 15th we are heading into our next 30 in 45 day challenge. This challenge will offer each of you something entirely different depending where you are right now - for some it may be an opportunity to get you back on track, an offer to recommit to your goals and for some it may be the initial push into a year of health and wellness. Whatever your reason is, that is entirely up to you!

Let us tell you why we are such big supporters of a '30 classes in 45 days' type challenge and why we designed this to align with the values that we hold so strong at BBS:

- One: we are in the business of building a lifestyle. We want your fitness journey to compliment your life and this can only be achieved by creating a fitness plan that is sustainable. We are not into fads, trends or any other quick fix - it just isn't practical. By offering a 45 day challenge, this will give you ample time to build a habit that is sustainable, one that will stick with you far beyond the challenge itself.

- Two: your body needs a break! We don't push 45 classes in 45 days because a rest period is crucial to both your physical health and your mental health. We want you to treat off days as a rehabilitative phase for your body and that is why we promote 15 days of rest in your BBS challenges.

- Three: we do not ask you to track any type of progression during your 45 day challenge. Unlike many other fitness challenges, we do not do progress pictures, measurements or ask you to follow the number on the scale. If you choose to do these things on your own because it is motivating, great! If you would rather go without, also great! We think of fitness as far more than physical change and because of this, there is no way to truly track your progression during a challenge.

If you want to come along with us on this 45 day journey, you can sign up for free through your MindBody Connect account. Just click this link to take you there!


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


#SweatForSanta Winners

File 2016-11-17, 8 34 17 AM_copy

One Year of Unlimited Barre

Donated by Barre Body Studio – Edmonton
Facebook: Barre Body Studio Edmonton / Instagram: @barrebodyyeg
Winner: Meghan Dunn

Oilers Tickets with Club Access
Donated by Eckel Xtreme Truck Paint & Body Repair Ltd.
Winner: Breanne Lambert

60 Minute Acupuncture/Cupping/Massage Treatment
Donated by Danielle Cyr
Instagram: @dvcyr / Website: www.bodydevotion.com
Winner: Christina Asmussen

60 Minute Acupuncture/Cupping/Massage Treatment
Donated by Danielle Cyr
Instagram: @dvcyr / Website: www.bodydevotion.com
Winner: Caitlin Varrin

60 Minute Acupuncture Treatment
Donated by Charlene Markus
Website: www.bodydevotion.com
Winner: Nikki Plamondon

60 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment
Donated by Alex Gold
Website: www.bodydevotion.com
Winner: Jennifer Dallaire

3D Lashes with Beauty Products
Donated by Kayla Greencorn
Winner: Amanda Franko

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment
Donated by UrbanBody/CosMedics Spa
Website: cosmedics.ca
Winner: Tania MacDonald

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment
Donated by UrbanBody/CosMedics Spa
Website: cosmedics.ca
Winner: Jan Sawyer

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment
Donated by UrbanBody/CosMedics Spa
Website: cosmedics.ca
Winner: Natasha Mahe

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment
Donated by UrbanBody/CosMedics Spa
Website: cosmedics.ca
Winner: Lesa Fee

$100 Manulife Place Gift Card
Donated by Manulife Place
Website: manulifeplace.com
Winner: Gloria Leung

Clarifying Mist
Donated by Pura Botanicals
Website: purabotanicals.com / Instagram: @purabotanicals
Winner: Rebecca Thomas

Made Social Mini Craft Kit
Donated by Made Social Co
Instagram: @madesocialco / Website: www.madesocialco.com
Winner: Cathy Roskell

Donated by TrueLife Fitness Apparel
Instagram: @truelifefitnessapparel / Website: www.truelifefitnessapparel.com
Winner: Jessica Quaile

Handmade Design
Donated by Justine Ma
Instagram: @justinemadesign / Website: justinema.ca
Winner: Sarah Ainsley

Clothing, Merchandise and Swag
Donated by Lululemon YEG
Instagram: @lululemonYEG
Winner: Kylee Quinn May

1-Hour Makeup Appointment
Donated by LUX Beauty Boutique
Instagram: @luxbeautybtqyeg / Website: luxbeauty.com
Winner: Jessica Facette + guest

1-Hour Makeup Appointment
Donated by Lux Beauty Boutique
Instagram: @luxbeautybtqyeg / Website: luxbeauty.com
Winner: Veronica Casavant + guest

Jewelry Prize
Donated by Benefair
Instagram: @BENEFARE / Website: www.benefair.com
Winner: Shari McCreight

Also, remember that if you have reached 20 points (or more) Modern Gravity has donated a free flotation therapy session to YOU! If you haven't picked up yours yet, stop by the front desk and let us know! You can find them at their website (www.moderngravity.ca) or on Instagram (@moderngravity). 


Sweat For Santa Prizes!

One Year of Unlimited Barre
- Donated by Barre Body Studio

Oilers Tickets with Club Access - Donated by Eckel Xtreme Truck Paint & Body Repair Ltd.

60 Minute Acupuncture/Cupping/Massage Treatment - Donated by Danielle Cyr (@dvcyr)

60 Minute Acupuncture/Cupping/Massage Treatment - Donated by Danielle Cyr  

60 Minute Acupuncture Treatment - Donated by Charlene Markus (www.bodydevotion.com)

60 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment - Donated by Alex Gold, RMT. 

3D Lashes with Beauty Products - Donated by Kayla Greencorn

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment - Donated by UrbanBody/Cosmetics Spa

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment - Donated by UrbanBody/Cosmetics Spa

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment - Donated by UrbanBody/Cosmetics Spa

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment - Donated by UrbanBody/Cosmetics Spa

$50 Gift Card for any Facial/Body Treatment - Donated by UrbanBody/Cosmetics Spa

$100 Manulife Place Gift Card - Donated by Manulife Place

Clarifying Mist - Donated by Pura Botanicals 

Made Social Mini Craft Kit - Donated by Made Social Co (@madesocialco)

Leggings - Donated by TrueLife Fitness Apparel 

Handmade Design - Donated by Justine Ma

Clothing, Merchandise and Swag - Donated by Lululemon YEG 

$50 Gift Card - Donated by Pamper & Play Salon and Spa

$50 Gift Card - Donated by Pamper & Play Salon and Spa

1 Hour Makeup Appointment - Donated by Lux Beauty Boutique 

1 Hour Makeup Appointment - Donated by Lux Beauty Boutique 

Jewelry Prize - Benefair  

We are also excited to announce that any challengers that get 20 points or over receive a gift card for a free float donated by our friends at Modern Gravity and any challengers that get 60 points or over will get a gift donated by Barre Body Studio


Sweat For Santa Mini Challenges

sweatforsanta_banner_2 (1)

SWEAT for SANTA Mini-Challenges:

Take a class at BBS Whitemud Crossing
Take a class BBS Holland Plaza
Try a Blast Class
Take a 6am Class
Try an instructor that you have never had before (you can earn this one 3x)
Use a blue band in class
Use a red band in class
Christmas music on playlist
Donate to Santas Anonymous (you can earn this one 3x)
Bring a friend to class (If it is their first class, it is on us!) (you can earn this one 3x)
Share your favorite holiday recipe
Complete 5 classes in one week
Leave a review on Facebook
Leave a review on Google
Leave a review on MindBody
Share a studio photo on Instagram with #bbsyeg (you can earn this one 3x)
Share a “barre around the world” picture with #bbsyegtribe (you can earn this one 3x)
Refer a friend through Perkville (you can earn this one 3x)
Wear an ugly Christmas sweater (or any piece of clothing) during class
Bring a Christmas treat for your instructor (you can earn this one 3x)
Pay it forward - use your Perkville points to treat another barrestar
Take a Stretch + Core class
Instructor talks about food or wine in class
Instructor says "just kidding, one more set"
Justin Bieber song on playlist
Buy a red or green Glow juice after class


SWEAT For SANTA Challenge


End 2016 with a chance to WIN a free YEAR of barre! Our biggest challenge yet with over $2000 in prizes including a one year unlimited barre pass, clothing, pampering and gifts from many local favorites such as Justine Ma and Truelife Leggings.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with it comes a season of parties, social events, great food, and vino in abundance (... they don't call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing.) And while we do love to indulge ourselves in holiday celebrations as much as the next girl, we know that balance is key heading into this time of year! It is easy to let yourself slip into bad habits during the last few months of the year, but we assure you that it is also possible to accommodate the holidays to fit within your healthy lifestyle. 

To help you successfully mix work and play, we are bringing you our latest and greatest and best challenge yet, the BBS Sweat for Santa Challenge. Starting on November 14th and running all the way through to December 23rd, this challenge will lead you right into Christmas! But don't worry, we know that the holidays are a busy time for most people, so we designed this challenge with flexibility in mind. 

This will help to keep your fitness game on point throughout the holidays! But we also want to have a little fun with this one, so we added a twist. We will be giving you a list of different mini-challenges to complete over the course of the challenge; these include things like "bring a friend to barre" or "try a class that you have never taken", "post a photo to social media", "submit your favorite holiday recipe" and many more. For every class that you take and every mini-challenge that you complete, you will get a point.  The more points you get the better chance you have to win! If you earn  60 points you are guaranteed to get a holiday treat.  All participants are qualified for our grand prize: ONE YEAR UNLIMITED BARRE but the more points, the better the chance! We have many other great prizes generously donated by Justine Ma Design, TrueLife Apparel, Glow Juicery and many other of our favourite local businesses and brands! Stay posted to both social media and the BBS blog for an entire listing of prizes coming soon!

Ready to make the commitment to a happy AND healthy holiday season? Lets sign up! This can be done through your MindBody Connect account or in studio. The cost is $25 to members and $225 for non-members (this price includes 40 days of unlimited barre). Sign up before November 7th to save $10 off the cost. If you are registering for the challenge through MBC, choose your studio of choice then book yourself into the SWEAT for SANTA event on November 14th.

Members $25 SIGN UP
Challenge Pass $225 SIGN UP - Pass in valid for unlimited classes from Nov 14-Dec 23

If you have any questions about this challenge or questions regarding how to register, feel free to reach out to any of us at the studio or email edmonton@barrebodystudio.com. 

Lets get ready to tuck for turkey, plie for pie and sweat for santa!! 


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


October #20in30Challenge - Wrap Up

2016-09-19 09.27.02

Congratulations to all of our challengers that rocked the barre 20 (or more) times in past 31 days of October! What a great way to get back into your fitness routine and fall back to the barre this month. First off we want to recognize a few of our barrestars that went above and beyond the 20 class goal. These girls killed it:

Kylee Q M - 37 classes
Mina  - 27 classes
Gloria  - 27 classes

We want to give mad love to all of the challengers that were successful in this challenge - we had 57 barrestars finish all 20 classes. All 57 names were entered into a random draw ... and here are you winners! *drumroll*

Private class: Sonja Kuehnle

Free entry to Sweat With Santa: Gillian Thomson

Barre tank: Shakera Mairs

$50 barre credit: Gail Logan

ToeSox: Sue Tang

ToeSox: Lily Halinen-Pardy

ToeSox: Carol Ostawsky

Check out the blog tomorrow for all the details on our next challenge!


Barre Body Studio - Edmonton


‘Redefining Barre Body’ – Challenge Wrap Up

We want to extend a huge congratulations to all of our challengers who dedicated the last month to health, wellness and redefining barre body. We hope that the last thirty days have put you on the right track towards becoming the best version of YOU. We hope that you have began to develop a new appreciation for your own body and all the amazing things that it can do. And finally, through the last 30 days, we hope that you have set healthy habits that last a lifetime. We are so proud of all of our challengers that have completed 20 (or more) classes in May – you. are. AWESOME!

We are so happy with the uplifting and positive atmosphere that our community has created through this challenge – let’s keep the hustle going throughout the summer! If you LOVED the challenge hype, then don’t let it fade! We are excited to bring you the BBS Summer Special, this pass will give you unlimited barre class all the way up until August 31st. Just the motivation you need to keep that barre booty at work! This pass is only $299 for the whole summer! If you are a member and would like to take part, you can suspend your account and pick your membership/ passes back up in September.

And now to the good stuff, although just completing the challenge is a win in our eyes, we are so excited to announce our prize winners! If you have been eyeing up some of our pretty new gear that is stocked on the BBS boutique shelves, we have some good news for you! Every person that completed the challenge will receive 25% off of your next Karma/MPG purchase!

To choose our winners, all challengers that crushed their 20 classes were put into a draw. And the winners areeeeee …

lululemon fit sesh – Melanie Friedeck

One free month of barre (Whitemud) – Hannah Kulmatycki 

One free month of barre (Holland) – Victoria Richards

Stella and Dot bracelets –Megan Halley

Free special barre tank (arriving in studio soon!) – Katarina Gourlay

Free pair of Toe Sox – Sophie Gareau – Brennan

Free pair of printed legging – Jennifer Maclean


Congrats to all of our winners, be sure to get in touch with us to claim your prizes! If you didn’t get the chance to take part in this past challenge, stay tuned for the next one coming up soon. Also barrestars, keep an eye out on our schedule – we will be switching over to our new summer schedule in the middle of June. Don’t forget to sign up for classes online + keep the heatwave going all summer long.


Barre Body Studio – Edmonton


Redefining Barre Body Challenge

Challenge_3-768x768Hey barre body, we are so excited to introduce our latest challenge that is all about YOUR barre body! We are dedicating the month of May to positive body image, self-love and owning the barre body that you have worked so hard for. And what better way to do that than 31 days dedicated to your barre practice!? We are thilled to host the 'Redefining Barre Body' challenge taking place from May 1st-31th. Complete 20 classes in 31 days with intentions to create healthy habits, embrace your strength, promote your mental health and find the confidence to love your very own barre body!

While we are on the topic, lets chat about the BBS YEG's challenge philosophy and why we do what we do. Our number one goal with each challenge is to create the opportunity for our barrestars to feel good, feel proud and feel strong. We think that the feeling of personal accomplishment during and after a successful fitness challenge is really like no other! This is always the driving motivation behind each and every challenge that we create for you. We refrain from taking before and after measurements, weight records and pictures because while we know that losing a few pounds may feel great, the journey is worth far more than that. We also refrain from doing 30 in 30 challenges because we want to set our barrestars up with healthy habits and a sustainable lifestyle, not one that is going to fade quickly after the challenge is up. We are firm believers in moderation and this is what we hope to bring forward with each of our challenges.

So before this challenge commences, we want you to take a step back and self-reflect. Think of goals for the upcoming month that extend beyond just the physical. Do not depend on the number on a scale or a size of your favourite pair of jeans to determine your self worth. Lets think: bigger picture! How do you want to feel, what healthy habits do you want to establish, and what does a barre body really mean to you? Write these down and keep them with you to motivate and inspire you all month long.

Also, this challenge is extra special to us because we are staying socially connect with you every step of the way through our online media sources. Follow along on the BBS blog during the first week of May to kickstart your month of motivation and transformation. We will be sharing with you what a 'barre body' means to us, our instructors and our community members. We hope that this will give you the grounds to determine your own unique definition of what a 'barre body' means to you.

Healthy habits, positive body image and a whole lot of barre love - all good things, right? We think so too - lets get it started! Sign up for this challenge through your MindBody connect account, you can find it listed on any day in the month of May. This challenge is absolutely free to participate in, just use the passes that you already have on your account. If you aren't a member and you want to join in on the challenge, a month unlimited pass can be purchased for $150 either online or in studio.

Be sure to stay connected with us and the rest of your BBS community throughout the next month. Feel free to share your challenges, your successes and every moment in between. This one is for you BBS, and your beautiful barre body!

Barre Body Studio - Edmonton