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BBS Technique Tips | Wide Second Reverse Chair

Our friends Katrina & Hillary from Barre Body Studio in Calgary run us through the proper way to set yourself up in a wide second position reverse chair at the barre. Although the quads often want to take over, engage those glutes to get a great lower body workout!


Form Friday - First Position PliƩ

First position plié or small V is an amazing exercise that tones the legs, particularly the back side! But as always, proper form is the key to targeting the appropriate muscles and keeping your body safe from injury. Starting with your toes and heels together, rock back onto your heels allowing your feet to open naturally, you should have a small V and narrow knees (2” apart ONLY). Rise up onto the balls of the feet ensuring all 10 toes touch the floor, the weight should be in the middle of the foot rather than in the big toes. Press the balls of the feet into the floor and squeeze the heels together. Your shoulders should be stacked over top of your hips. Continue to lengthen through the top of the head, pulling the chin into a neutral position, lift through the chest and roll the shoulders down and back. Gently rest the inside arm on the barre with the outside hand rested on the hip.

Lets Review...

Now it’s time to move! As you lower down continue to squeeze your sitz bones towards one another while engaging the glutes. As you rise back up press the balls of the feet into the floor and squeeze the heels tight to maintain the muscle activation in the back of the legs. Remember to modify when you need to by dropping the heels to the floor making this a slightly less advanced exercise. Keep the mind body connection strong to feel the intense burn throughout the series!

Barre Body Studio - Calgary