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Barre, what is it? We’re sure that you’ve heard the buzz about this trendy ballet-inspired workout. Thought of giving it a shot? Well, if you’re looking for a sign, this. IS. it! This blog is for you, our first-time/future barrestars. We will take a look at the basic elements regarding what barre is, how to prep for your first class, and what to expect once you hit the studio!

The Barre Body Studio method is a low-impact, high-energy fusion of yoga, pilates, and dance. We focus on building long, lean muscles, tightening the tush and strengthening the core. Using mostly body weight, light free weights, and resistance bands, you will endure high repetitions to exert muscles to the point of fatigue, making this a highly effective fitness class. But, because it is choreographed to upbeat music and performed in a highly motivating group environment, it is equal parts FUN!


Now that you have been introduced to Barre, its time to decide what class it best for you. If you have already checked out our schedule, you may have noticed a few different classes on our lineup! Learn more about our class types.


Once you have decided which class is right for you, sign up online give us a call at the studio to reserve a spot! Classes are busy, so don’t forget to book ahead!


Now let’s chat about preparing for your first ever barre class! Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking, the eminent question that is running through every woman’s mind at all times … What do I wear?! Tutu’s + leotards, not required! What we do recommend is any typical workout apparel that will allow you to move and sweat! For safety and hygienic reasons, we do require that you wear grip socks in the studio. If you have your own, bring ‘em. If not, no worries - we have some for purchase and to borrow at the studio. Also, don’t forget your water bottle!


When you get to the studio, mention to the front desk staff that it is your first time and they will happily give you a tour of our space. They will lead you to our free, secure lockers and you are more than welcome to utilize these to store your personal items during class. For your first class, try to arrive 15 minutes early... every class after that, 10 minutes should suffice! Be sure to inform your instructor of any injuries or ailments before class begins. We encourage you to ask questions and receive modifications from our very knowledgeable barretenders!


To set up, grab a set of light weights (we usually recommend 2 – 3 lbs for your first few classes), a ball, and any other equipment that is specified by your instructor. Take these with you and find your spot at the barre! Don’t worry about the mats quite yet, your instructor will ask you to grab one for the last 15 minutes of class.


Plié, pelvic tuck, 4th position – what does it all mean? Don’t stress over the terminology used in class, it will be well explained and you will be picking it up in no time! If you want to get a head start on all things form and alignment, check out our form blogs! 

You are now fully equipped to take on your first barre class – be prepared to sweat, shake and have a ton of fun! Remember that you don’t need a dance, pilates or yoga background to attend. Barre is absolutely suitable for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. We are proud to offer a warm, non-judgmental fitness environment, so participate within your own limits and always listen to your body.

Everybody has a first class, when is yours?


Barre Body Studio – Edmonton